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Top Tips for Having a Good Relationship

So many people wonder what it is like to have a good relationship. Here are some tips on how to have a good relationship:

1) Make time for each other. Even if it is just going for a walk in the park. Have alone time with each other and enjoy each other's company.

2) Make time for family and friends. Have alone time. Don't be co-dependent with each other. Have alone time with each other but also have your own life. It is not healthy to be with each other 24/7. You have more things to talk about and could appreciate each other more when you each have your own life.

3) Recognize the positive in each other. Don't take each other for granted or get mad at the little things. Some couples who have been with each other for awhile begin to take each other for granted. "He sits around the house and does not do anything." Instead of focusing on that think of all his good qualities. Say things like "He's so easygoing," or "He is fun to talk to." Focus on all the wonderful things about each other.

4) Make time for intimacy and affection. Make sure that you kiss and are affectionate with each other. You don't have to have to much PDA where you make people uncomfortable but being affectionate is an important part of a healthy and happy relationship.

Being in a healthy and happy relationship is not hard. All you have to do is make sure you are together, have your own life and be positive with each other. The more you could appreciate each other the better your relationship will be.

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