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Top Three Weird Health Tricks without Relying on Medicine

Doctor and Emergency Room visits are very expensive. These three tricks can help you avoid the doctors office and costs only a few cents.

Try These Household Remedies
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Use Honey as a Disinfectant

Before covering your cut with a bandage, apply just a little amount of honey. Honey has properties that fight against bacteria and protects the skin. These antibacterial properties can take out most of the cut-infecting bacteria.

Sprinkle on the Pepper

Just a small kitchen nick can cause major pain. Clean the wound with cold tap water. Just in case you were cutting meat, apply a little soap to help clean the cut. Stop the blood by sprinkling on the pepper and applying slight pressure. The black kitchen pepper has many health promoting qualities: antibacterial, antiseptic, and analgesic. You may think it will sting, but relax, it doesn't.

Save Your Heart - Get a Dog

If you want to try lowering your blood pressure without taking medication try getting a dog. Petting a dog reduces stress-induced high blood pressure. This can lower your risk of stroke and heart attack.

To lower your risk of heart attack and stroke, get a dog. Numerous studies show that petting a dog keeps blood pressure under control when you're stressed.

Source: Men's Health

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