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Top three social media spoken word platforms in the United States

Social Media
Social Media
By Sofiaperesoa (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Social media consumption has grown tremendously over the past few years. Not to be outdone, audio platforms have beefed up their service features to penetrate social media as well. Detailed below are the top three spoken word audio platforms in the United States that offer outstanding features for its online users:


Dubbler is an interesting application for spoken word recording because it allows you to dress up your audio posts with sound effects or filters. Its tagline, "You don't text your personality. You voice it," is quite apropos to its service and certainly reflects a lot on the theme, design and functionality of the whole app.

The problem with Dubbler is that it only allows users to upload 60-second clips. It is the standard recording length for all audio on the platform. In addition, Dubbler offers no freemium service allowing publishers to record longer clips, so it is quite limited in terms of that. It makes up with social media integration and layout, however, as it is as social as any social media platform can get. Users can interact with friends in real time, cross-post on Facebook and Twitter as they publish the audio post on the site, or get up-to-date audio posts from friends on their feed.


Audioboo is deemed as the YouTube of spoken word. Designed by Audioboom Group PLC (BOOM.L), the company is one of the fastest growing companies globally today.

Through the years, the platform has evolved from being consumer- to business-oriented, signing up major networks, sports leagues and publications as content partners. It’s a good thing for the platform though in widening its reach and growing its library of available clips and broadcasts.

Despite upgrading its service and revenue model, however, Audioboo’s feel and functionality remained centered on being a social media platform. It has a Facebook and Twitter integration feature called media cards, which allow audio publishers to automatically publish their posts on their feeds. The Facebook and Twitter media cards automatically play out the audio posts as well.


Broadcastr is a social media platform that allows users to record, audit and share their clips and pin it to a particular location. Think of it as Foursquare for audio. “Just like in human memory, every story is bound to a place,” the company said in a 2010 news release. “Whether dishing last night’s details to friends, uncovering local lore, perusing restaurant reviews, listening to travel guides, tuning in to citizen journalism, contemplating oral histories, or sharing hilarious anecdotes, Broadcastr’s goal is to amplify all of our voices,” it added.

A Tech Crunch report has lauded the app for connecting people and sharing narratives, from the likes of the Shoah Foundation, which is focused on geo-tagging survivor stories at Auschwitz, and literary performers The Moth. Tech Crunch added that within two weeks of launching, Broadcastr’s content library has already doubled.

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