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Top Ten Tips for the Perfect Selfie: From the Public Relations (PR) Perspective

In the PR and publicity world, branding yourself is ALWAYS a priority. So naturally if you are going to take a selfie it should be one that best represents the message or image that you want your audience to know, or in this case your followers. Here are the Top Ten Selfie Taking Tips from The Phoenix PR
1. Minimize the use of filters. Yes this might be hard but natural is always better. Showing your true natural self will draw more attention than an obvious touched up photo. Filters secretly say that you have something to hide. Be honest!

2. Less is more. And no we don’t mean exposing your whole body for the world to see. We mean less selfies the better. People are only interested in seeing your impromptu-informal headshots, they want to see other aspects of you- you & your friends, your pets, your outfit of the day, etc. You don’t want to give the message that you’re narcissistic [unless of course, that’s the image you’re going for]. Keep your selfie quota low.

3. Don’t be afraid to be sexy. Take pride in your beauty and show it off. If you just bought a new dress and feel like Beyoncé,’ why not take a picture and show what your momma gave ya? Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities people can have.

4. It’s okay to smile. No need for the ever so popular duck face. FYI, the Duck Face Era died in 2013. A smile whether showing off your pearly whites or not can make a person more likeable and open in an instant. And in this industry, likability translates to popularity!

5. Location is more important than you think. People tend take for granted the appearance of their room that they are in. What they don’t realize is that the public pays attention to the background of where you are in your photo. If they happen to see the stall and toilet paper roll behind you in your “bathroom mirror selfie”… that’s definitely not a good look.

6. Before you send your selfie out to the world, check and make sure there are no spelling errors in your caption, or basically anything that you wouldn’t want your followers to see. This may be obvious but with many of us wanting to get that perfect picture and getting it out there fast, it’s quite easy to not catch something inappropriate or a spelling error.

7. Keep your selfie’s relevant to your company or brand. If you are a professional and want to be respected, please don’t take selfies of your cleavage, lower posterior and or any other body part that may be sexually suggestive. It’s very important to maintain the image that you want others to see especially in the professional world. A good to remember: as soon as you walk out your door in the morning assume that you are being filmed. Don’t post or show anything that you wouldn’t want the whole world to see.

8. Please no more gym pictures or [guys] topless body shots (may apply to some women too)! If you have a good body that’s awesome, you should want to flaunt it but to put your abs or topless gym picture out there for everyone to see is taking it a little too far.

9. Natural beauty is something every woman…and man wants to have. Sadly though not all of us have it. (Thank God for makeup) Posting a “no makeup selfie” or “all natural selfie” where one has a bad break out or sadly, may actually need make-up makes no sense and leaves your photo to unwanted scrutiny.

10. Always, always, keep it classy. Like we mentioned before it’s wonderful to feel beautiful in your own skin. We all should. Just make sure you’re respectful while you are doing so. There is a fine line between Confidence and an obvious attention seeker. The second is not as appealing as the first. Trust me, your brand depends on

Co-Written with Kait Leonard (The Phoenix PR)

Thank You Kait!

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