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Top ten tips for self-publishing a book on Amazon Kindle

How to publish a book on Amazon Kindle
How to publish a book on Amazon Kindle

Many of us dream of becoming a writer and having our book published and now with the help of Amazon Kindle KDP program you can easily publish your book and sell in online both in printed format and downloads through the KDP program. This article will be focusing on tips about how to get your book published for Amazon Kindle.

Createspace is Amazon’s free publishing tool to get started publishing your book in print. Authors, filmmakers and musicians can use this service to get their creative work out to the public. Before publishing a book using Createspace explore the website and check out the following Createspace and Kindle Self-Publishing Masterclass - The Step-by-Step Author's Guide to Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your Books on Amazon.

Amazon Kindle KDP program allows independent authors to publish their books without the assistance of a publishing company. This makes the book available to download through Amazon through many devices in addition to the Kindle. Readers can download through their iPad, smart phones, laptops, Personal computers and many other devices once a book is published.

Here are the top ten tips for publishing your book through Amazon KDP.

1. Download Building Your Book for Kindle – This is a free download from Amazon Kindle Publishing that provides you with the necessary steps for creating a professional digital file of your book. It walks your through the key steps in publishing on Amazon Kindle and can be helpful resource when writing and publishing a book. It’s also a great resource for non-technical writers who write everything in Microsoft Word.

2. Try the Free and Quick Proofreading and Grammar Checker – We all make mistakes when writing and one of the things I read the most on about an author in their reviews on Amazon is about the grammar errors and the spelling mistakes. While Microsoft word can catch spelling errors there are still times that words are misused or grammatically incorrect. Try using a free program such as Grammarly which is an automated proofreader and your personal grammar coach. It will correct up to 10 times more mistakes than popular word processors.

3. Amazon KDP Program Page – View the videos on the Amazon KDP page, read the information about getting started and how to create a book to upload on Amazon. Join the Amazon KDP community and read the forums on what others are doing, ask a question or follow other as they learn about the program.

4. Read Free Kindle Books on Writing – There are several free books on writing, publishing, Kindle, eBook writing and more available to download on Amazon. Many share their books for free in order to help others and motivate you to write a book.

5. Learn from Successful Self-Published Kindle Authors – No matter how good of writer you are success does not happen overnight. Many writers publish their book and wait for readers to come along. Successful authors have worked hard to get the word out about their book by blogging, promoting their books through online resources, and gaining an audience.

6. Join Goodreads – a leading site for readers and book recommendations that helps people find and share books they love. Authors utilize Goodreads as a source for promoting their books and socializing with others to obtain an audience of readers. Use other social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to keep your readers updated and to promote book giveaways or discounts.

7. Take a Virtual Writing Course Online – If you don’t know where to begin when writing a book take a course on planning, writing and publishing your book. Learn from a successful writer about what it takes to write and make a living at writing.

8. Watch YouTube Videos – Amazon KDP has some great videos on Why to Publish with Kindle Direct Publishing + CreateSpace? Plus there are interviews with self-published authors, videos on uploading a book, and more helpful tips.

9. Create an Author Profile at Author Central – Once you have your book published it is a good idea to create an author profile on Amazon. This will provide readers with a background about the writer it will also allow you to upload your blog, promote your Facebook and Twitter page and give you a presence on Amazon.

10. Learn More About Publishing your Book with the Amazon Kindle Program

  • Kindle Direct Publishing makes it fast and easy for you to independently publish your book to the Kindle, for free. Plus, you can earn up to 70% royalties
  • CreateSpace helps you easily create, publish, and distribute your printed work for free. Plus, you can make your book available through and many other distribution options.
  • Your book deserves to be heard! The Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) makes it easy to find a narrator, produce and distribute your audiobook, and earn royalties
  • Join Search Inside the Book
  • Become an Amazon Associate and make a commission on books you sell.

When writing a book it takes patience, persistence and time to become successful. Not all great writers will sell their books but don’t give up keep on learning about what to write about, how to promote your book and learning about self-publishing. Write about subjects you know and enjoy, that will make the process more interesting and provide your followers with a subject that will interest them and keep them coming back for your next book.

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