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Top ten things that straight up suck about the show “Supernatural”

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Supernatural is a TV show created by Eric Kripke which was first broadcast on September 13, 2005 AD. It stars Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. The characters are brothers who are the grunts of a secret society known as the “Men of Letters.” Their job is to be “hunters” of demons, ghosts, monsters and all things that go bump any time of day and/or night.

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Here are the top ten things that straight up suck about the show “Supernatural.”

10. Somehow, Sam and Dean have an endless supply of money for gas, hotels, cell phones, fast/junk food, etc. whilst actually working for pay about three hours per year (Sam washed dishes in a bar…once, and that’s about it).

9. Dean’s car must have a bottomless trunk as it contains all sorts of weapons—of which a knife and salt seem to be favorites—and disguises of all sorts, including suits. Dude, how do suits that have been smooshed into the corner of a truck come out looking crisp, clean and wrinkle-less?

8. The biggest practitioners of the occult on the show are Sam and Dean. They violate the concept of “a kingdom divided cannot stand” by using the occult to fight again the occult (a tactic which is very popular within pop-occulture, by the way). It’s a scam, like when Bettlejuice states the following within an ad for his “bio-exorcist” services, “If you act now, you get a free demon possession with every exorcism”—what kinda deal is that?

Learn more about occultism here.

7. They are consigned to hell and Purgatory but somehow manage to find their way out—how quaint!

Learn about the unbiblical Catholic myth via essays found here and video/audio lecture here.

6. Sam and Dead engage is random acts of un-married sex with way too many temporary sexual partners de jour to count. And yet, they never have STDs or anything of the likes. As is common within pop-occulture; it is the most immoral who are set up as moral hero for us to emulate.

5. In just about every episode Sam and Dean are beaten about the face by supernaturally strong demonically monstrous entities which leave their faces looking like raw chopped liver. Yet, every episode begins with them being as handsome as ever and their faces are smoother than an overweight baby’s tooshie. In reality, by now, their faces should looks like, well, let us just say that their visages would give Freddy Krueger nightmares—capiche?

4. Much as in the above, in just about every episode they are beamed across the room by supernatural energy-forces only to hit a solid wall and are knocked unconscious. Yet, they still possess the ability to crack cases, perform research (everything they need is online!), etc. In reality, their brains would have suffered so many concussions that, by now, the only thing they would be able to do it sit in a rocking chair combing a cat all day whilst being able, at least, to utter, “I wuv you Mr. Whiskers.”

3. In every episode Sam and Dean sit in a car driving thousands of miles, only eat fast/junk food, then sit around hotels and never exercise. Yet, they can suddenly spring up and fight the powers of darkness. In reality, they would both be morbidly obese, unable to fight off heart disease, much less, satanically empowered monsters and hardly able to reach down and tie their shoe laces.

2. The show plays off of various theologies, myths, etc. yet, they corrupt biblical theology. They show’s main premise appears to be biblical theology—at least, based on majority of the terminology employed therein.

However, the show it hit and miss in this regard. Well, okay, it is 99% miss and 1% hit. For example, they accurately identify the Nephilim as the offspring of angels (Sons of God) and humans (as per Genesis ch. 6—see here). Yet, their define angels as disembodied beings who possess the bodies of willing humans—wait, that’s a biblical definition of demon! They claim that only 4 angels have actually seen God and the others believe in Him by faith. They define demons as the souls of humans who which were corrupted by spending time in hell. One and on the inaccuracies go.

Learn more about Christianity, the Bible, Jesus, God, miracles and Christian apologetics.

1. In Greek mythology, Prometheus is the lucifer figure who steals fire from the gods and gives it to humanity. Within the show Prometheus makes and appearance and Dean states that Prometheus saved humanity. So; good is evil, evil is good, YHVH is the bad guy, satan is good—we get it, you are pushing Gnosticism 101.



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