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Top ten sports movie speeches ever

I bet you all can think of sports movie speeches. They are attached to movies about football, basketball and any sport you can think of. Here's a top ten of movie speeches--sports speeches--that are memorable and, of course, powerful with their urgency and finality.

Morgan Freeman portrayed Nelson Mandela in "Invictus."
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Sports settings demand an appreciation of the urgency of the moment in movies and, also, in life.

This is it in other words. These words define and encapsulate the urgency of the moment. The finality of sports settings is inescapable.

See if you recall these sports movies and the speeches that will be replayed in the future and will take you back to the first time you saw it.

Watch the video to see and hear the speeches.

The speeches we recall as the pivotal scene in these movies come from stars. The speeches are from Al Pacino, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington, Mickey Rourke, Duane Johnson, Matthew McConaughey, Gene Hackman and Kurt Russell.

Morgan Freeman gave speeches in "Invictus" that are memorable as did Matt Damon in that movie about South Africa, Nelson Mandela and how rugby united the people of that then embattled country.

Here are the movies they came from. The number preceding the movie is the ranking in the video. Al Pacino in "Any Given Sunday" was given the honor of having given the best speech.

All the movies and speeches are great. Here are the movies they came from.

  1. "Any Given Sunday"
  2. Remember the Titans"
  3. "We are Marshall"
  4. "Invictus"
  5. "Hoosiers"
  6. "Miracle"
  7. "The Wrestler"
  8. "Friday Night Lights"
  9. "Gridiron Gang"
  10. 'The Damned United"
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