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Top ten reasons to plan a night out in Johnstown

Always something interesting going on.
Always something interesting going on.
Mike Beegle

It’s the start of a bold New Year. You may be pondering all sorts of self-improvements like weight loss, smoking cessation, and tucking some dollars away for retirement. Maybe you even plan to start flossing. Those are great ways to revitalize your body and bank account, but how are you planning to breathe new life into your frame of mind for the upcoming bleak winter months?

According to the American Osteopathic Association, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) impacts the emotional well being of as much as 10 percent of the American population, especially women and young adults in northern climates. That’s a lot of people walking around depressed and fatigued, with decreased libido because the sun isn’t shining in Pennsylvania.

So, getting out and about after you’ve trashed the moldy scraps of fruit cake and pulled the last party popper streamer out of your hair (or worse) is actually healthy! After you’ve considered these top ten reasons to schedule a night out in Johnstown, you’ll be sure to add some night-worthy activities to your New Year resolutions for 2014.

10 – You’ve spent so much time on social media that you now just give a “thumbs up” instead of answering people.
9 – You’ve already seen every episode of Duck Dynasty – and learned nothing.
8 – Your cat is tired of watching you sleep on the sofa and even more weary of appearing on Instagram and Snapchat.
7 – Two words – tavern food.
6 – It feels good to wear something that isn’t work tainted.
5 – Make up has an expiration date.
4 – Guaranteed there will be someone there who dances worse than you do.
3 – When your ex sees you having fun he/she will think you’ve gotten over it.
2 – You won’t have to kiss a single family member.

And the number one reason to enjoy an evening out in Johnstown is:
1 – It’s real.

No matter how realistically the 3D animation on your computer game captures motion, or how many songs are downloaded to your iPod, or how many channels you have in HD staying home can never replace the visceral experience of going out. The very act of cleaning up to be seen has a motivating impact on the human psyche. Direct conversations with live people can be inspiring or infuriating – but they’re real. You’ll find their truths and passions in every discussion; in their eyes and word choices and their very smells if you pay a bit of attention.

If you’re a native, you’re probably prone to the “nothing to do in this town” mentality. But Johnstown has more to offer than daylight tourist attractions. You don’t have to look hard to find cultural venues, kick-butt live bands, and packed dance floor DJs – even roller derby.

Why not resolve to spend a night or two each week meeting interesting people and hearing some hot tunes while you wait for the springtime sunshine? It’s right in your own back yard in Johnstown.

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