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Top ten reasons to celebrate being single on Valentine's Day

There are lots of reasons to celebrate being single on Valentine's Day.
There are lots of reasons to celebrate being single on Valentine's Day.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

As Valentine’s Day approaches, and you find yourself single this year, resist the urge to delve into your past and rehash all the reasons why old relationships may have failed. Such an act of torture will only end badly, most likely with you sitting in your sweatpants, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food in one hand as you Facebook-stalk people and listen to Adele on repeat.

Let’s try to avoid that train wreck by remembering these ten reasons why being single is nothing to be depressed about.

1. Not being occupied with entertaining your boyfriend/girlfriend on a regular basis leaves more time for family bonding and friendship strengthening. Unless your family and friends constantly nag you about settling down and finding someone. In that case, ignore #1 and move on to #2.

2. This period of singleness may be the perfect time to focus on possible career advancement or new opportunities within your current path. Or maybe just add lots of hilarious new pins to your sarcasm Pinterest board!

3. Having more free time to work toward a fitness goal will make you feel better physically and mentally, and help you to check that sadistic New Year’s resolution off your list.

4. You can travel anywhere in the world without having to compromise with someone else on the details. Always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower or the Mayan Ruins? Do it! On a tight budget? Buy something from the ethnic aisle of the grocery store and call it a day.

5. Go out with a group of platonic single friends and just enjoy being social without the stress of trying to attract someone of the opposite sex. Remember what it feels like to just go out and have pure, uninhibited fun?

6. You don’t have to shave all of your bits on a regular basis. Enough said.

7. Rent the movie you actually want to see from Netflix. You don’t have to pretend for anyone that you really do actually want to watch the new vampire movie. Or if you really do want to watch it, no judgment!

8. Dance around your living room to Beyoncé’s Single Ladies without having to hide your inner twerk diva. She’s in there; just let her out (only in the privacy of your living room, I repeat, do this only in the privacy of your living room).

9. You can flirt with anyone, anywhere, anytime you feel the urge because you’re single! And likewise, you can enjoy being flirted with and not feel guilty because you’re single!

10. You still have another first kiss to look forward to. And all the rest of the “firsts” that will follow!

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