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Top ten Puget Sound stores to purchase gluten-free products

A common question for those new to the Gluten-Free lifestyle as well as those new to the area is "Where do I buy food that is Gluten-Free?" Here is a list of ten stores in the Puget Sound area that sell a variety of Gluten-Free products.

Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie Mix is a great way to fix something safe for your child's friend.
Adrienne Z. Milligan

1. G.F. Joe's Market in Tumwater and in Tacoma both carry 2,000 plus products which are all Gluten-Free. Many long-term cravings can be satisfied, including: Ravioli, manicotti, ice cream cones, grand shells pasta, tortellini, and burritos. Gluten-free beer, candy without artificial colors, and frozen pizza are also available.
2. Trader Joe's has nineteen locations. Trader Joe's carries many privately labeled items as well as other brands that are better known. Popular items include their Gluten-Free Rice Pasta & Cheddar, brown rice pasta, and corn pasta. Gluten-Free cereals, granola, and protein bars can also be found. Ask for a current list of Gluten-Free products at the Customer Service desk.
3. Marlene's Market and Deli Natural Foods in Tacoma and Federal Way both carry a wide variety of products. Frozen items, flours, pastas, cans and pouches of spaghetti, cookies, sauce mixes, and other snacks are regularly carried. Gluten-Free flours are also available to be purchased in bulk.
4. PCC Natural Markets has ten locations. PCC carries many products from local companies. Their website offers a date base of Gluten-Free products carried.
5. Nature's Market in Kent offers more than 500 Gluten-Free products. Check out their freezers for products from local bakeries as well as quick entrees for lunches and dinner.
6. Whole Foods Market has seven locations. Whole Foods offers their own line of Gluten-Free breads and desserts in the freezer that were made in a 100% Gluten-Free dedicated facility. Browse the pasta and baking aisles, and remember the freezer aisles (pizza, pizza crusts, and chicken nuggets). Ask for Gluten-Free product list at Customer Service.
7. Fred Meyer stocks most products in the natural foods section. Cereals, baking mixes, cookies, snacks, and more are shelves. The freezers showcase pizzas, entrees, waffles, breads, and donuts.
8. WinCo carries many Gluten-free products such as thinkThin bars, EnviroKidz cereals, and large bags of Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free flours. Their bulk section also has gluten-free pastas which can be ordered in large quantities.
9. Wal-Mart labels their private brand of food "Gluten Free" when appropriate. Some stores now offer an entire aisle section dedicated to Gluten-Free products. Other stores stock all the food together, so scanning the aisles every so often can lead to finding new products for sale.
10. Safeway has continued to increase their selection of Gluten-Free products. The natural food freezer and shelves are usually stocked well with pizza, waffles, cereals, pastas, baking mixes, flours, and more. They have just added "Eating Right" as another in-house brand that offers multiple gluten-free products including dessert and entree mixes all conventionality located in one place.

There are other stores that carry Gluten-Free products, too. This is just a sampling of stores that have put effort into making shopping for Gluten-Free foods a little bit easier in the Puget Sound.

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