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Top ten most expensive 'Magic: The Gathering' cards from 'Born of the Gods'

"Born of the Gods" booster pack
Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast's upcoming expert "Magic: The Gathering" expansion set "Born of the Gods" features a few cards which are worth significantly more than the $3.99 retail price of a booster pack. It's pivotal that you're able to recognize these valuable chase rares in case you open one. Knowing the value of your cards is crucial should you decide to trade with another player. Here's our list of the top ten "Born of the Gods" money cards to look out for as of this article's publication date.

Top ten most expensive rares in "Born of the Gods:"

It's important to note that Temple of Enlightenment/Malice/Plenty will most likely maintain and raise in value over the coming months.

Hot uncommons:

You'll want to make sure to watch out for these hot rares in your "Born of the Gods" limited pools at your local game store or on "Magic Online. The "Born of the Gods" chase rares can be leveraged to your advantage in order to fund additional events. Alternatively you can trade one of the more expensive cards in the set for an inordinate amount of common, uncommon, and inexpensive rare "Magic" cards in order to significantly build up your collection and make many more decks.

It's very important that you realize "Magic: The Gathering" cards are only worth as much as someone is willing to pay or trade for them. They're most valuable during a prerelease and the first few weeks after release until tournament results begin to weed the cream from the crap. As more "Born of the Gods" cards enter the secondary market from drafting, sealed events, and "Magic Online" redemption, prices will be reduced significantly. Only the cards which have proven themselves staples will remain high in value. A couple "sleeper" cards which are "discovered" and featured in breakout decks will also climb in price.

Because the price of "Magic" cards can fluctuate so rapidly, we strongly suggest that you always look up the prices of any cards involved in a trade from a reputable online dealer. Having an internet connected mobile device can help you save hundreds of dollars.

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