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Top ten Father's Day gifts from the heart

Top ten Father's Day gifts from the heart include those that don't break the budget.

1. Give him an orchid plant with a gift. A white orchid with a copy of Ghost Orchid by D. K. Christi isn't costly and is filled with love symbolism.

2. Take a nature walk with small backpacks and light food and drink items.

3. Give him a jar of homemade coupons, one for each day of the week. He can pull one, "favorite breakfast" as an example to make Father's Day every day for a week.

4. Detail the car, truck or boat.

5. Buy a couple cane poles for a simple fishing day, uncomplicated.

6. Give him more space in the closet, the garage or the shared office.

7. Offer to drive wherever he wishes to go.

8. Arrange for a day-long get-a-way not far from home with activities he enjoys.

9. Order a print of the family crest.

10. Remember to say I love you ten times more than necessary.

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