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Top ten excuses people give not to declutter --- reason #10

Don't be too busy
Don't be too busy

We are going to start a new series called:

The Top Ten Excuses People Give Not to Declutter

aka David Letterman here is ........

Reason #10

I Have Too Much Work; I'm Too Busy Making a Living To Work On Clutter.

For some reason, many of us spend more time at work dotting i's and crossing t's than we do with our families at home. Saying you don't have time to clean up clutter because you have too much work to do is the same excuse you use for not having time to to read in front of the fireplace with your family or throw a Frisbee outside with your kids.

One day, as you face retirement and look back on your life, you'll ask yourself, "Am I really, really glad I spent all that time at the office?" Do yourself a favor and answer that question now, before it's too late to make some changes. Put the question this way: "Wouldn't I get more out of setting aside some time for myself and my family?" Remember, when you spend time getting rid of clutter, you end up with more good things, more space and more time (because you don't have to waste time looking for things or getting duplicates of things you can't find) and you improve relationships within your family. This can be because you're not so annoyed at family members' clutter, once you've all worked together on a decluttering project. Aren't these things worth more than your hourly wage?

One key to making more time to work on decluttering is to set that time as "sacred" time. Say NO to any outside or additional commitments. Start small. Don't wait until you have a "day" to devote to a project. Doing one hour a day, or every other day, on a decluttering project makes the task seem less intimidating and uses up what might otherwise be lazy time. And, doing just one hour will motivate you to keep going!

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