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Top Ten Classic Co-Op Games for Valentine's Day

A classic Nintendo controller reminds us of many games that continue to live on.
A classic Nintendo controller reminds us of many games that continue to live on.
Matt Coleman

Video games are an excellent pastime for those who choose to immerse themselves in their entertainment. The storylines are varied in plot and depth, the artwork can be realistic or surreal, and the music can take you away to far off lands. Just like movies, some of them are more fun to enjoy with another person.

This Valentine's Day, maybe instead of dinner and a movie you can snuggle up to your partner in awesomeness to enjoy some of these classic co-operative video games. Now, for your enjoyment, here is our list of the best classic games to enjoy as a couple.

10. 'Golden Axe' (1989)

If you have never played 'Golden Axe' before, then you have missed out on one of the most classic Genesis games there is. In this arcade-styled medieval fantasy game, you and a partner can choose one of three characters: the beefed up over-masculine male, the barely-wearing-clothes female, and the dwarf. All three have had family members killed by the baddie "Death Adder". We're not going to give away much more than that (you'll have to do your homework and actually play), but just know that it's the first in a series of 'Golden Axe' games, and it's most fun to play with another person helping you to wipe out the bad guys.

9. 'Contra' (1987)

Another arcade-style hit that created a long running series is 'Contra', which becomes not only more difficult to play with another person, but also more fun. You'll have to really know how your partner plays in order to further yourselves in the game, as your virtual lives will depend on that other person having your back. As with most games, timing is key in this side scrolling shooter, and adding another person into the mix can sometimes harm you more than help, but if you and your player two communicate, there's no telling how much fun you'll have working together to beat the game.

8. 'Bubble Bobble' (1986)

Taking a step back into more lighthearted territory, we find 'Bubble Bobble' coming in at number eight. Do not underestimate this classic platformer. Even though you play as two dragons who make bubbles (named Bub and Bob, by the way) and eat candy and fruit snacks, this is a complicated and difficult platforming game, with loads of levels and secrets for you to enjoy. Trap enemies in bubbles and pop them, while collecting foodstuffs and letters. Enjoy the uptempo cutesy music, and help each other reach places up high with super bubble blowing and jumping methods. Be forewarned, you are timed.

7. 'Excitebike' (1984)

Probably one of the most fun sports games you can play while only being able to move up and down, 'Excitebike' is an awesome game to play alone, but is definitely better with someone else. You can play against each other, or you can create tracks (truly innovative for it's time) for the other person to try and complete. This game can feed into your competitiveness, while still being a blast to play.

6. 'BioHazard Battle' (1992) / 'Gradius' (1985)

Number six is a toss up between two games from different decades that are essentially the same. While 'Gradius' came first and brought about many games like it, 'Biohazard Battle' has a gritty feel with its living ships and adrenaline pumping music. Either are better to play with another person as you side-scroll your way to victory.

5. 'Battletoads' (1991)

Not much can be added to the legend that is 'Battletoads'. A really fun co-op beat-em-up, with one of the hardest levels in gaming history.

4. 'TMNT: Turtles in Time' (1992)

One of the better Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games, 'TMNT: Turtles in Time' is a great co-op arcade style game, where you get to teleport through time to beat up The Foot. And, the music... the upbeat music really immerses you into the game. You even fight a level from the perspective of Shredder. If you were ever a TMNT fan (and you know you were) you should definitely play this with a partner to truly embrace its excellence. Cowabunga, dude!

3. 'Gyromite' (1985)

You almost have to play 'Gyromite' with another person (sorry R.O.B., you just don't really cut it). If you've never played this game, you should at least give it a shot. There are two modes, one where player one plays the professor, and player two controls the pipes. The second mode has the professor sleepwalking, and one player controls (but, this mode is boring and forgotten). The best part is playing the pipes. You can squish the baddies, or alternatively, squish the professor (or make player one think you're going to squish him, messing around, until you accidently do squish the poor virtual fellow).

2. 'Super Mario Bros.' (1985)

Coming in second is 'Super Mario Bros.', which doesn't get the top spot for a couple of reasons, the first being that SMB constantly takes top spot in top ten lists. It's classic, it was groundbreaking, we get it. Also, although you can play two players, it's not really co-op as you have to take turns, but it almost has to make the list due to its legend. Lastly, SMB is generally a pretty flat as far as story line. Beat up baddies until you get to the right castle, defeat Koopa, get Princess, you win. It doesn't take away from its gameplay, but our top spot is definitely deserving.

1. 'Secret of Mana' (1993)

The graphics were beautiful. The story line was deep. The music was enchanting. And it was excellent to play with two players. 'Secret of Mana' (Seiken Densetsu 2 for those opting for its Japanese title) was an experience in and of itself. When two people get together to play, magic happens. Travel the globe in this JRPG not to save the girl, but to save the world. Take up the legendary Mana Sword to save humanity. And, watch where you're pointing that cannon...

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