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(Please note:  The following list not only contains spoilers, it is made up entirely of spoilers.)

Kiss Me Deadly Original Movie Poster
Kiss Me Deadly Original Move Poster

10  TROPIC THUNDER (2008) The closing credits of this film are pure, unexpected dynamite:  Tom Cruise dancing like a psycho hamster in heat with action comic graphics.  Awesome.

9. THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY (1980) Pierce Brosnan and his fellow IRA terrorists finally "get to" the big boss Harold Shand (Bob Hoskins) when he least expects it.  The last long shot is Hoskins, his mind racing, slowly coming to accept that he is a dead man.

9. THE FLY (1958)  Please.  Help Me.

7. ROSEMARY'S BABY (1968) Mia Farrow follows the sound of her baby's crying to the satanists next door, and finally gets a look at her baby. (Here is a link to a creepy alternate ending where they DO show the child)

6.  PLANET OF THE APES (1968) Charlton Heston sets out to find a way back to earth when he comes across ... THE STATUE OF LIBERTY.  He already *IS* on earth.

5.  KISS ME DEADLY (1955) Gaby Rodgers open's Pandora's box to discover glowing contents--radionuclide, and triggers an apocalyptic nuclear event.

4.  THE SIXTH SENSE (1999)  Bruce Willis is dead, too.  Has been all along.  He just didn't know it.

3. THELMA AND LOUISE  (1991)  Rather than surrender to the police, they clasp hands, and drive into the grand canyon and die.

2.  LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (2008) Eli rescues Oskar from the bullies at the swimming pool.  Blood.  Bath.

1.  BREAKING THE WAVES (1996) Stellan Skarsgard stands up, no longer paralyzed--his wife's biZARRE, S&M sacrifice to the gods actually WORKED.  Mind-Blowing.


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