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Top swingers states

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Some people picture themselves having sex with someone they just met as their partner looks on with approval. In most cases, their partner is also engaged in a sexual activity with a stranger at that precise moment, but only a few have actually played out this fantasy. Swinging is increasingly becoming popular in the United States. According to the Kinsey Institute, about four million Americans are swingers. The lifestyle largely remains underground, but it has attracted people from various cultural and professional backgrounds. It is common to find doctors, school teachers, lawyers, and bankers in swinging clubs. Swinging is practiced by both the young and old.

Swingers are often heterosexual couples looking for an opportunity to explore sex outside the confines of conventional monogamy rules but single people also swing. A swinging experience usually starts when a partner expresses their interest in a certain person. Female swingers initiate most of the experiences. The desire to experiment has led most Americans to pursue swinging and engage in sex with other couples.

The internet has made it easy for swingers to find willing individuals. Most of the swinging happens in private clubs or homes. Swingers hold parties and this offers them an opportunity to meet interested people. The parties can include between 10 and 30 couples and some of them are themed. Swinger conventions, cruises, and vacations have also gained popularity as swingers look for new ways to meet. Swinging is prevalent in various states including Arizona, California, Florida, New York and Texas.

Arizona Swingers

Arizona also makes it to the list of top swinging states. A city like Scottsdale is both dynamic and exciting and it offers swingers an opportunity to live out their fantasies in one of the many clubs. Scottsdale is a small city but it is also considered one of the most liberal in Arizona. It is not a swinger destination like New York or Florida but Arizona has quite a number of swingers clubs. This demonstrates that this liberal lifestyle is now prevalent in America’s southwest. Arizona has a blend of recently retired individuals and young inhabitants and this makes it an ideal location for swingers. Arizona swingers benefit from a great nightlife and party scene due to warmer temperatures year round. Some of the best swingers clubs in the city of Scottsdale include Party Oasis, Arizona Latin Swingers, and Club XS. [Related: Arizona swingers: Did you know Arizona is a swinging state?]

California Swingers

Swinging has become more visible in this state over the last few years. There are several beaches, parties, and clubs that are dedicated to swingers. There are millions of people around the globe who have shown an interest in this liberal and open-minded approach towards sex. California is a favorite destination for swingers from different states and countries. Swingers can explore the nude beaches that target people who are interested in swinging. Although California swingers are large in numbers, they still are not as large as Florida. This is a liberal state and this is evident in the large number of California swingers clubs. [Related: Swingers in California know how to party]

Florida Swingers

South Florida is a swingers’ haven in America. Couples from different parts of the globe travel to the state to meet other swingers. Swinger cruises are organized in the state. About four are held each year. Swingers can use classified ads and websites to meet new people. The state also has five clubs that offer on-premise sex. These clubs are designed to cater to various lifestyles and tastes. Florida swingers believe it or not have had a steady increase in numbers. Whether its the sun, or just people visiting, Florida is a top spot for the LifeStyle. Club Hedonism is one of the most popular swinger clubs in South Florida. The clubs offer play areas where members can fulfill all their desires in a relaxing environment. [Related: Florida swingers know how to play]

New York Swingers

New York is considered a no-hold barred state. It is one of the most populous in the country and its liberal nature has made it one of the top swinging states. There are various clubs where singers can indulge in their fantasies such as La Trapeze and Bowery Bliss. It is easy to find Facebook pages dedicated to swingers, which makes quite easy to find a party or interested swingers to meet up with. The next article on New York swingers gives great insight into the growing numbers.[Related: New York swingers: Secret behind increasing numbers]

Texas Swingers

Looking for Texas swingers? This may not seem like one of the kinky states in America but Texas has quite a number of swinger clubs. The Velvet Chain is considered one of the best in the state and it offers memberships to couples who want to explore their sexuality with like minded people. It is a discrete and exciting environment. Other swinger clubs in Texas include Colette, the Friends Club, and The OT Retreat, which can be compared to a holiday resort designed for swingers. [Related: Texas Swinger Club Pictures And Top swinger clubs in Texas]

It is evident that the swinging lifestyle has grown in popularity in different states. Each of these states has active swinger communities. Swingers are almost spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing clubs, parties, cruises, and cultural events to attend.

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