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Top Sunglasses trends S/S 2014

Summer is upon us and of course some of the hottest sunglasses will be making its fashion accessory debut just in time for the summer weather. When shopping for the perfect pair of sunglasses please be sure to consider the following tips if you have a round jaw line go for more rectangular frames, square jaw you want to go more round frames. Then, if you have a more diamond-shaped jawline, frames that more octagonal shapes. When searching for sunglasses follow the eyebrow line and you should have at least two styles of sunglasses one that is stylish and one the is more of a statement.

Top Sunglasses trends S/S 2014

Here is a list of the top sunglass trends for summer 2014.

  • Round or butterfly framed sunglasses.
  • 50s with round and cat-eye glasses
  • Rock’n’Roll
  • 80's
  • Bright shades (blue, red, pink and translucent yellow)
  • Mirroring in different colours
  • Dual materials (leather or python )
  • clip on

We all have to make a choice to compliment the shape of our face. Generally, it works in reverse: a round face will suit more rectangular frames whilst it is quite the opposite for a square jaw. Then, if you have a more diamond-shaped face, you can try things that are more octagonal. The eyebrow line is of the upmost importance. Always follow the brow line; don’t wear hard glasses if you have high-set eyebrows. These are the things you have to pay attention to.The idea is to have at least one basic pair and another that is more statement and stylish so you can distinguish yourself.Music free of right/Bandit&Nikit 2012

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