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Top snack and party food: Celebrate National Potato Chip Day

Potato chips are the number one choice for snacking and probably the first snack choice in the supermarkets that consumers choose when planning a party. Those crispy and salty slices of potatoes have been a hit since 1853.

National Potato Chip Day!
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Now each year everyone celebrates “National Potato Chip Day” on March 14 and enjoys these wonderful treats as well as the food holiday. Millions of people will be munching and crunching on potato chips today and just a hand full will be doing a self test to see if they can eat just one.

Back on August 24, 1853 a patron that was dining at a Saratoga Springs restaurant in New York at the Moon Lake Lodge resort was quite unhappy with his serving of potatoes. He claimed they were way too thick for his liking as well as soggy and sent them back to the kitchen. Chef George Crum had a bright idea and decided to follow his instincts so that this particular customer could have a serving of potatoes he thought he would enjoy.

So, he took a potato and sliced it paper thin, fried those slices until they were crisp and added salt when they were done cooking. They were then served to the unhappy customer and to his surprise the customer was delighted with this new way of preparing potatoes. This soon became a regular item on the restaurant’s menu and was a success with many of the others who frequented his restaurant. From that time on the “Saratoga Chips” were born.

Chef George Crum was an African American who became the inventor of the potato chip in 1853!

During this time period potato chips were only available in restaurants. Then in 1920 the Dayton, a company based in Ohio called the Mike-sell’s Potato Chip Company was founded. They called themselves the oldest potato chip company in the United States. Although a company called Tri-Sun Potato Chips which was based in New England and founded in 1908 as the Leominster Potato Chip Company in Leominster, Massachusetts claims they were the first American potato chip manufacturer.

In 1895 potato chips became available in cracker barrels and glass display cases and were sold in grocery stores. By 1926 potato chips were sold in sealed paper bags. Then in the 1950s flavored chips were born and the rest is history. On average there is approximately $15 billion of potato chips sold each year worldwide.

Enjoy some potato chips today and share the tale of how they became the most popular and favorite snacking item on the grocers shelves with family and friends, be the trivia championship as you snack on a few yourself on “National Potato Chip Day”!

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