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Top Smartphone Apps for Buying And Selling a Home

Real Estate Smartphone Apps
Real Estate Smartphone Apps

Despite a few setbacks, the overall real estate market has improved greatly since the recession of 2008. Thanks to the new normalcy, it's a lot easier to buy and sell houses. Technology has made scouting out potential deals and finding buyers particularly seamless as of late. Here are a few apps you can use to make the process a bit more hassle-free.


One of the most obvious apps worth downloading to your mobile phone is Zillow, which beats out Trulia simply because it's available on iOS and Android. In truth, both platforms allow buyers and sellers to quickly peruse local offerings, determine prices and assess value in any zip code. It's arguably the best all-around real estate app you can get.


Whether you're looking for flip-worthy properties or a home for yourself, ZipRealty is one of the best ways to filter any area's possibilities. Simply draw a circle centered around your present location or any set of co-ordinates and ZipRealty will show you what's available nearby. Its highly specific filters will help you sort through the cruft and find real estate gold.

Smarter Agent

If you're looking for the ultimate MLS listings search engine, Smarter Agent is your new go-to app. While it won't replace a bona fide broker like Prospect Mortgage for most home buyers, it's a good first step if you're looking for a new home. It's also a versatile tool for real estate agents looking to boost their brand.


Sometimes, a house that you just happen to pass by will catch your eye and really strike your fancy for whatever reason. Homesnap is an augmented reality app that allows users to snap a quick digital photo of any house and view its pertinent details immediately. Window shoppers in particular will love Homesnap's responsive functionality, accuracy and overall thoroughness.

Credit Karma

It's no secret that financing requirements for home sales have been tightened in the past few years. Credit Karma can quickly tell potential buyers whether or not a particular home is within their price range. It can even save real estate agents time by telling them which houses are worth showing to prospective buyers in any given neighborhood.

Mortgage Calculator (Quicken Loans)

Simply knowing whether or not they qualify for a mortgage often isn't enough for savvy shoppers to make a final decision. Oftentimes, buyers will need to dig deeper to determine whether or not a particular house is a bargain over the long haul. The Mortgage Calculator app by Quicken Loans calculates taxes, interest and a variety of other expenses on the fly.


Last but not least, we come to Realtor. Though it's fairly general in terms of focus, Realtor is nevertheless a useful app to have on hand when buying or selling real estate. It can be used to monitor price changes for particular properties, refine searches and quantify the desirability of neighborhoods. Best of all, it's 100% free to use.

Making the Most of Digital Realty

Clearly, mobile software can be quite helpful for those in the real estate game. No matter how advanced that technology gets, realty transactions will always include a human element that can't be replaced. At the very least, these apps should make the boring number-crunching aspects of buying and selling homes less tedious. Read the Prospect Mortgage disclosure.

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