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Top six best K-drama soundtracks

I've been a fan of Korean television for about 5 years now, and in the process I've come across some shows where the music is so good, it's worth tuning in just to listen. These are original soundtracks which are works of art all on their own, most of which are searchable via YouTube. And so, without further ado, I present the Top Six Korean Drama Soundtracks.

6] Heartstrings - While this confused teen romance drama was weak on plot and character growth, the music stole the show with its infectious blend of pop-rock, Broadway pop, and Korean folk. The numbers where rock and folk are blended are especially addicting.

5] Rooftop Prince - While the pop songs and ballads such as Ailie's "Hurt" are perfect fits for this dark romantic comedy about jealousy & murder across two lifetimes, what really makes the soundtrack sing are the orchestral scores. They're nothing less than exquisite.

4] Me Too, Flower! - This soundtrack is simply funktastic. Mixing swing, sadcore, pop-rock, and indie pop, the soundtrack for this underrated gem is every bit as subtle and deep as the emotions it explores.

3] My Lovely Sam-Soon - With a heady mix of Elvis, old school jazz, R&B, 80's-era Korean metal and Korean rock, along with indie-pop tunes from supergroup Clazziquai, this is one show where even the most learned music nerd will be hard-pressed to identify everything.

2] Padam Padam - Relying almost exclusively on original scores, this soundtrack is as much a wonder as the program it's a part of. With all the perfection that suffuses the series, the music has to be sublime, just to keep up.

1] Pasta - The most commendable of everything I've heard, the soundtrack makes use of only a handful of songs, one of which is public domain(The Minstrel Boy). How does it keep from being repetitive? By employing an incredibly talented composer to arrange the songs to suit various styles, moods, settings, and tempos. It does more with its short list than I've heard some operas do with their entire score. It is the most efficient, brilliant, sensitive, and sensible use of a soundtrack I've heard from any television program. Give it a listen...or even a watch. You won't be sorry.

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