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Top Seven Positive News Stories of 2013

Snowden, an American Hero
(Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images)

In order to be included on this list, the news story must concern an event that advances liberty, the constitution, and the traditional morality that this great country was founded on, and which will help enable us to overcome the fascio-progressive left's efforts to destroy America.

7. The massive public outpouring of support for Christian Phil Robertson of The Duck Dynasty, whom the left media attempted to silence by suspending him from the show. He has now been reinstated.

6. The publication of the book "The Liberty Amendments" by Mark Levin, outlining a proposed plan to restore the Constitution in America.

5. The unanimous not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman, who was wrongfully charged in a blatantly racist, political prosecution with the murder of his assailant Trayvon Martin in Florida. Zimmerman, who is no doubt a flawed human being based on his apparent inability to lead a life without brushes with the law, was nevertheless the good guy in the Martin scenario, and his not guilty verdict was a blow struck against tyranny and for liberty as well as a reaffirmation of the right of self defense, as well as the right to bear arms.

4. The voters' recall of two state senators in Colorado who had voted in favor of extremely restrictive "people control" (disguised as gun control) measures in the Colorado legislature.

3. The bi-partisan defeat in the United States Senate of an Obama "people control" bill (again, disguised as gun control) following the Sandy Hook tragedy. Although Obama and his comrades stood on the graves of the child victims of the tragedy in their sickening efforts to pass the bill, they could not muster the votes.

2. The heroic efforts of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and their friends in the United States Senate in their filibuster to prevent the continued funding of Obamacare, which forced the Democrats to shut the government down when they refused to pass a budget funding everything except Obamacare.

And the Top Positive News Story of 2013:

1. The heroic exposure by American patriot Edward Snowden of the unconstitutional massive metadata spying on all American citizens by its own government through the National Security Agency.

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