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Top Secret Press brings action and value with '3Corps'

Top Secret Press' "3Corps" #2 is on Kickstarter now and in stores August 31.
Image courtesy of Top Secret Press, used with permission

Top Secret Press is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to support its "3Corps" comic book series. The super hero tale is by "3Corps" creator, TSP editor-in-chief and writer John Daniel Taylor IV and artist Ferran Sellares. Top Secret Press announced today that there would soon be additional original art rewards from noted comic book artists to go along with the campaign's already generous pledge offerings.

How generous, you ask? TSP is offering print copies of "3Corps" #1-2 and a copy of its first successful Kickstarter funded comic, "The Strange" #1, in return for an $8 pledge. That is three print comics for only eight bucks! One can get all three of these issues digitally for only a pledge of five dollars. Additional pledge rewards include a "3Corps" T-shirt and "3Corps" character sketches by series artist Ferran Sellares.

Taylor told Examiner that the funds for this campaign will go towards paying the artists involved, as well as recuperating printing costs. In addition to Sellares, the other artists on "3Corps" #2 are inker Jordi Tarragona, colorist Jay Moyano and lettering by Inklight Studios. "3Corps" #2 features a regular cover by Ariel Medel, Juan Albarran and Jay Moyano and a variant cover by Sergio F. Davila, Juan Albarran and Ivan Nunes. Stretch goals have also been announced, including the production of "3Corps" #3, the final issue in the story, and a retooled version of "3Corps" #1.

"3Corps" is the story of a secret elite military team of superhumans, who, while operating from a base in the Amazon jungle, quell public manifestations of the Superhuman Condition. While there have been other members over 3Corps' 60 year existence, its current roster is made up of Max, Krimson and Faceless.

Top Secret Press is looking to raise $1,500 by August 13, with $554 in pledges, as of this writing. Taylor promises that all rewards will be mailed out within 30 days of the campaign's successful end, as "3Corps" #2 has already been sent to the printers. So, that is a minimum of three print issues in exchange for an $8 pledge, all delivered within two months! To view the "3Corps" #2 Kickstarter campaign, visit here.

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