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Top Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases Available in Market

Top Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases Available in Market
Top Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases Available in Market

Cases are as important as smartphones because they provide the devices with the highest possible care and protection from lots of risks and damages. With the announcement of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, case makers decided to pull the trigger on the production of the cases for this device. Enough Samsung Galaxy S5 cases have been piled up that most major brands can claim that they have a case for the device on offer. Samsung has also chipped in in the production of cases for its device. There are some extra features that have been introduced with the Galaxy S5 for which addition case and cover openings are required. Here are some popular cases that can be found for the device:

S View Cover

The official S View Cover for the Galaxy S5 is designed to fold from the front and replace the battery cover from the rear of the phone. However, a window of interaction is provided on the case for helping people in using their phones without opening the cover. The S View Window is an excellent way for serving notifications to the user and as soon as the cover is flipped open, the phone unlocks automatically.

Galaxy S5 View Wireless Charging Cover

As indicated by the name, Qi wireless charging abilities can be added by this case to the Galaxy S5, but at a price. The case is similar to the S View Cover, but a charging coil has been integrated in the back for wireless charging. However, this feature has also made it the most expensive case for the S5.

Galaxy S5 Charging Cover

If people wish to add wireless charging to the S5 in a cheaper way, this Charging cover will cost less than the S View version. The handset can be charged by putting it on the pad accessory, which is provided by Samsung.

Spigen Ultra Fit Case

Cases from Spigen always offer good value for money and the same goes for Samsung Galaxy S5 cases. This case snuggles to the body of the device tightly, but the pattern of the case is also perforated like the device itself and it is offered in the original colors of the handset. As per most user reviews on, this case helps people gain more in terms of protection without losing anything in terms of looks.

Case-Mate Slim Tough Case

Everyone wants a durable case for protecting their device and one that is also slim in design. Case-Mate offers the Slim Tough option, which has a two-piece chassis with metal buttons and a metallic bumper. In this way, protection can be provided to the device in style.

Stand Folio Case

Case-mate also offers an expensive case for the Galaxy S5, which not only provides protection to the handset, but can also be used as a stand when people want to watch movies on the S5 or are looking up videos on YouTube.

Among different Samsung Galaxy S5 cases available these days, there are the best ones, which are stylish and offer complete protection to the device.

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