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Top restaurants in Macomb Township

Official logo to Make Macomb Your Home
Official logo to Make Macomb Your Home

Macomb County advertised the "Make Macomb Your Home" campaign all over the place. People moved to the county in droves. Most of Michigan's fastest growing communities are located in Macomb County thanks to County Executive Mark Hackel's no-shame advertising tactics. He wants you here, and you came.

One of the hot spots is Macomb Township. Within the 36 square miles of the township, new neighborhoods are popping up all over the place. If you've cruised any of the mile roads you've probably banged your steering wheel a few times wondering why they haven't widen the streets to acomadate all the new traffic.

With all this new growth comes new neighbors, someone has probably asked you, "Where's a good place to eat around here?" Staying away from the fast food joints, where do you go? There's not a lot of grills, taverns, dive bars or restaurants in the township, but the ones that are here are pretty good.

Here's a dozen of the popular restaurants around Macomb Township:

Aspen Restaurant & Bar - 20333 Hall Rd. (586) 226-8838
Golden Bowl Carryout - Chinese - 16707 21 Mile Rd. (586) 226-8022
Goldie's Saloon - 45330 Romeo Plank Rd. (586) 286-6991
El Charro - Mexican - 21519 21 Mile Rd. (586) 598-7556
HUB Sports Bistro - 16780 21 Mile Rd. (586) 226-3399
Leo's Coney Island - 20257 Hall Rd. (586) 286-2300
National Coney Island - 15555 Hall Rd. (586) 566-9558
New Moon Restaurant - Chinese - 16840 21 Mile Rd. (586) 286-0078
Orange Leaf - ice cream - 21501 21 Mile Rd. (586) 329-4228
Paulee's Family Diner - 48964 Hayes Rd. (586) 247-8200
Shields Pizza - 50750 Romeo Plank Rd. (586) 228-1400
The Tavern at Tina's Country House - 50870 North Ave. (586) 949-2288

So the next time you're stuck in traffic staring at the sign to one of these restaurants, pull in and grab a delicious dinner. Who knows, maybe you'll see your new neighbor in there. Plus you can support the local economy by keeping the money in Macomb Township.

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