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Top Recruitment Testing Products

Top Recruitment Testing Products
Top Recruitment Testing Products

Whether you’re a recruiter or work in human resources for your company, we all know how difficult it is to find prospects that are truly qualified for the position for which they are applying. Resumes are the old, outdated way to find candidates for jobs. Over the past 20 years or so, resumes have become more about creative writing and embellishment than about facts. So, how can you possibly know if a candidate actually has the skills they say they do? It’s a surprisingly common and critical problem for anyone who hires. This is especially true if you hire in the technology or Internet industries. When searching on freelance sites or posting a position on most job sites, one might find that a surprising amount of applicants for programming jobs actually have little, or even no experience coding in that particular language. Luckily, there are products and services that can help you separate the talented candidates from the pretenders, and these are called recruitment testing products.

With recruitment testing, you are able to give any candidate a skill test on the particular expertise that is needed for the position. If you are looking for someone to program in a certain language, then they should be able to pass a test that demonstrates skills in that language. If you need someone to debug software, then you should be able to give them a program to test and find its bugs. Even for customer service or sales positions, testing can be very advantageous. However, the main benefit to using recruitment testing is seen in the tech industry, particularly if you are looking to hire talented programmers. You are able to give candidates a test specifically for that language and get a professional assessment as to their qualifications for that position. With testing, you can narrow down the list of candidates to include only those who actually have the skills they say they do.

Here is an overview of some of the most popular recruitment testing products and services available today:


This site is extremely straightforward and easy to use. You simply go to the homepage and select whether you need a junior or senior developer, and what language you need the test for. They offer tests in Java and C#. Then they will give you an overview of the test it generates. You can even select to have the site generate a random testing pattern with mixed skills and testing methods. Multiple choice questions, multiple answer questions and even live coding questions are included in their tests. The site will even tell you how long the test is estimated to take. Once you have a test you are happy with, you can have it sent to your candidates for them to log into the site and take the test. Since you created the test, only you will be able to administer the testing and see the results. The cost is also quite low with this site, at just $10 per candidate tested. TestDome is a good choice if you are looking for a no-frills testing solution to fill a position that requires strong Java and C# programming skills.


Kenexa is a branch of IBM and, as such, you can expect a much more robust solution. Kenexa goes much further than other testing products. They include a range of products including talent acquisition, leadership and engagement, optimization, recognition and rewards and analytics. It is the assessment area that Kenexa excels at. Kenexa offers assessment solutions that include not just skills tests, but assessments for the overall suitability of the candidate, including capacity, capability and cultural fit for your organization. Kenexa is an overall solution for recruiting suitable for larger companies.


More along the lines of TestDome, this site actually goes much further. InterviewStreet offers far more detailed and extensive testing for prospective coders. They include a comprehensive library of questions you can select from, and you can even create custom challenges for candidates. In addition, InterviewStreet offers a live coding environment, allowing the candidate to code and compile right from the testing interface. Much more extensive reporting is included, with comparative analysis of candidates against each other’s results. It even integrates detection for any code plagiarism. Another distinct advantage of this site is that it records each compile, so you can see how the candidate came to a solution and even how long they took for each compile. InterviewStreet is also more interactive, allowing you to perform evaluations and interviews through a shared window where you can get insight into the way they think about the problem. These features make InterviewStreet a top notch option for anyone looking to fill a position which requires strong coding skills in a wide variety of languages.


In between TestDome and InterviewStreet is this site which offers shorter programming tests to ascertain the practical skills of a programmer. The testing goal here is to completely remove the candidates who cannot code correct programs in C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python and others. Codility has more straightforward testing results than other platforms, with a simple percentage ranking of the candidate. For example, a coder can score from 1 – 100% correct on the test. The Codility testing should give you a strong indication of a coder’s ability, however, it is not meant to be a replacement for other interviews and assessments. Codility works in a similar way to the other services, where you log in and create a test customized to the language you specify, and then you invite the candidates to come and take the test. You then receive the results so you can move forward with the process.

In summary, recruitment testing products can be an important part of the hiring process for anyone looking for the best programmers. With the above choices, you can eliminate the candidates who simply don’t have the skills and move forward knowing your shortlist is filled with the most qualified candidates for the position possible.

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