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Top reasons for low employee morale

Lack of open, honest communication tops the list of workplace activities that destroy employee morale according to a survey by Accountemps of Menlo Park, Calif. One-third of respondents answered that communication has the most negative impact on the morale of their employees.

Top reasons for low employee morale.
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The survey interviewed 300 human resource managers at companies with 20 or more employees offering five addition to the five choices people could say “none of these” or “don’t know”.

Survey results were:

Lack of open, honest communication (33%)

Micromanaging employees (18%)

Failure to recognize employee achievements (15%)

Fear of job loss (10%)

Excessive workloads for extended periods (9%)

None of these (14%)

Don’t know (1%)

One gage of employee engagement, the connection of employees to sharing and working toward the vision of their organization, is to add up the numbers for those responses that your company does not meet.

For example, if your company or department has poor, selective or deceptive communication give yourself 33 points. If your company or a department practices the traditional management style of micromanaging give yourself another 18 points. Continue through the other three items to get your total score. If it is higher than 50 you need to do some homework if you want your employees to operate at their top performance so they can achieve higher productivity and quality.

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