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Top reasons for joining a hotel membership program

Free Stock Photo~Modern Glass
Free Stock Photo~Modern Glass

Most hotel chains offer their customers a reward program to join and there are several good reasons to join one, especially if you are a frequent traveler. To find one that benefits you the most, you might have to do a little research. The major chains have the membership information and allow you to sign up online. All have different levels of memberships with different levels of benefits.

If you travel a lot, you will benefit the most from these programs. There are benefits in areas like car rentals, room upgrades, and airline points. Some even offer unique rewards like; stock car events, hot air balloon rides, or movie tickets. Most membership programs partner with multiple companies that you can earn points for.

Signing up is free and easy; just takes your basic information, if you want to leave a credit card to make reservations easier for later, you can, and that card doesn't have to be the one you pay with.

Discounts; you will get a reduced rate on your room.

Easy recognition when calling hotels or a reservation center; when you sign up you can enter what bed type you prefer, smoking or non smoking, and any other preferences you may like. All your preferences are already listed, which you can adjust at any time, and should save some time when making reservations.

Reward points for free nights; Mostly for hotels within their brand, but some offer free nights at luxury hotels. They may also offer a "no blackout date" policy for those reward nights.

Late checkout; most hotels will give you an extra 2 hours if you inform them at check in that you would like it. If you wait, they may already have that room rented out for the next night and have the guests waiting to check in right away.

Free local newspaper during the week; keeps you informed on local activities, weather or great places to visit.

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