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Top rated sex positions for female pleasure

Priscila Hernandez attends the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Awards 2013 at the Ritz Hotel on October 22, 2013 in Madrid, Spain.
Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images has released 7 sex positions they claim are the best for women.

Cosmo advises women to stick to the basics for the best sex. Reporter Jennifer Benjamin interviewed author and sex educator Dorian Solot who cowrote the book on sex called, I (Heart) Female Orgasm.

1 The first position is a similar rendition to the CAT position or coital-alignment-technique. The point is ease of thrusting and deeper penetration. The woman is to start in missionary position but put her legs up with a pillow under her butt. The man is on top, but he pushes his pelvic bone upwards to align with the clitoris. Rubbing that area doesn’t hurt either.

2 Put a spin on doggie style. The woman is to lie flat on her stomach with her butt pushed up in the air. The man is to put his legs around the woman’s legs and begin to thrust and adjust until the woman approves of the angle. The man can lay on top of the woman or in push up position.

3 If you become tired easily from sex. This is your ideal position. The women can lie on her back and put her legs over the man, who lies on his side facing towards her. Try this if it takes a while for the woman to climax. This position is also very romantic with partners that are able to look at one another.

4 Does she prefer to be on top? This position helps her keep the pace she desires. Commonly called reverse cow-girl, the woman sits on the man facing his feet. The catch with this one is that she holds her feet together between the man’s legs for a tighter fit. This seems to be a good position for sex in a chair with arms on it.

5 Cosmo advises partners to try changing scenery occasionally for a hotter experience. Their position “Torrid Tabletop” can be done as easily on a bed, but the idea is that the woman hangs her legs off the side and the man is standing. The partners face one another, and the man can either hold the woman’s legs or the woman can rest her legs high on the man’s chest. Here’s where you use geometry in real life! The woman and man form a perpendicular angle.
6 Cosmo calls this one “The Lap Dance”, but basically the woman is on top of the forward facing man. She controls the speed, angle, and can maneuver around to see what feels good.

7 “Emotional attachment” is important for women says Cosmo, so a “spooning” orgasm can be reached by having the man and woman lie on their sides with the man facing the woman’s back. The man enters from behind and the couple can go for a longer time based on the ease of this position. The woman can also lift her top leg and rub where she would like.

Cosmo reminds readers that the best way for a woman to get the most out of sex is for her to be in the right mind-set. Women’s organisms are inner, while a man's are outer.

Remember, if you are not trying to conceive, always practice safe sex.

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