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Top places to work may also be top spots for customer service

Riverbed Technology was voted third best company to work for.
Riverbed Technology was voted third best company to work for.

Research has shown that the best places to work often provide the highest level of customer service as well. After all, happy employees lead to happy customers most of the time and employee retention is a key component to a top-notch service program. Based on this assumption, check out this list of the top companies to work for in 2013 from Glassdoor. How does customer service rate at these businesses?

Riverbed Technology
According to the 2013 Employee’s Choice Awards, Riverbed Technology was voted the third best company to work for. This performance company has cultivated an inclusive and diverse workplace that allows every employee to feel a sense of importance and significance within the corporate framework. Has the environment trickled down to the customers? According to J.D. Power and Associates, the answer is “yes.” In 2012, J.D. Power certified Riverbed under its Certified Technology and Support Program, which is earned in part by offering outstanding customer service.

In-N-Out Burger
It isn’t often that a fast food chain is noted as an outstanding place to work, but In-N-Out Burger has bucked that trend. Coming in at number nine on Glassdoor’s list, this company is touted as having a great culture and good hourly pay rates. Does the high ranking from employees translate to high rankings from the company’s customers? If you check out reviews of the restaurants, you will find customers refer to employees as fast and friendly. In fact, Consumer Reports ranked this chain at the top of fast food establishments in 2011 in both food and service quality.

Southwest Airlines
This airline has taken top spot in Glassdoor’s survey as the top airline to work for today. Southwest is known for top salary and benefits in the industry, as well as a “legendary” company culture. The efforts to keep employees happy are trickling down to customers as well, if you check out some of the customer reviews for the airline. Many customers have found crews to be friendly and funny, with fast, convenient check-in and clean planes. Fewer fees and online options have also led to the customer-friendly perception of this company.

Trader Joe’s
This quirky grocery store chain is at the top of places to work in the industry, thanks to high hourly pay rates and a laid back work environment. Employees also ranked the company culture, career opportunities and work/life balance as relatively high. Apparently, those happy employees are resulting in happy customers, since the grocery chain is consistently ranked at the top of the charts in terms of service quality. In addition to delivering unusual items at low priced, Trader Joe’s is also known for employees that a friendly, cheerful and exceedingly helpful.

If you are looking for a way to bring your customer service to the next level, consider these companies as an example to shoot for. By ensuring the people who come to your business to work every day are happy, there is much a greater likelihood those that come to shop with your business will leave happy as well.

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