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Top places to visit in Wilmington, Delaware with your kids

The Easter vacation is slowly approaching and many families are trying to figure out where to take their kids. The Easter holiday is normally the time when educational travels should take place and that is why parents are scratching their heads to decide which place to go to. If you are one of those parents and are actively looking for a place to spend the Easter vacation then maybe you should pay some attention to Wilmington, DE. The city is not very popular amongst the tourist agencies but will surely offer you and your family a great time. Here is a list of the places that are worth a visit with your kids.

Brandywine Zoo

The Brandywine Zoo is very famous because it is a home for about a hundred and fifty animals which represent 58 species on more than 12 acres of land. The Zoo provides excellent care for the animals and also an unforgettable experience for the visitors. You would have to purchase a ticket to enter. All money collected from the tickets plus generous donations go for the upkeep of the place. Kids can participate in different activities and engage with selected animals too.

The Delaware Children's Museum

Yes, we all know that children prefer to play rather than go to museums during their spare time. Well, the Delaware Children’s Museum is just the right place for them. In the museum children can experience informal learning which means that they learn whilst they explore and participate in various activities which would normally follow the kids’ personal interests. This will allow them to naturally grasp the concept of their findings. This playful learning would surely be enjoyed by your children. The museum has several huge enthralling and thrilling interactive exhibit rooms. These rooms not only offer entertainment for children of all ages but they can also offer a little something for the parents too. This museum is a great place for the whole family to visit. You can find the latest offers for family holiday packages to Wilmington, DE on this web page:

Fox Point State Park

Delaware has a magnificent range of parks which all have their very own uniqueness. However, when we talk about the Fox Point Park there is something more that needs to be added to its description. One word that would certainly describe the park in the best way would be extraordinary. The fascinating part comes from the Window on the River that has been there for over 20 years now. People have had the dream of having their park on this part of the Delaware River. This dream has been an inspiration and frustration to the local communities which are today called Fox Point. The ‘’window on the river’’ is one event that can certainly turn many dreams into reality. Maybe you wonder what is so special about this window. Well it is the breathtaking view of Philadelphia on the north and the Delaware Memorial Bridge on the south. Not many places in Delaware could offer such mesmerizing views.
Of course, there are many more attractions and places to visit with your kids in Wilmington, Delaware. All you need to do is research them and make a list so that you can visit them all during the Easter holiday.

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