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Top outdoor adventure stories of 2011; Part 2

Ryan Anderson begins what will be a winning race
Ryan Anderson begins what will be a winning race
Brad Putney, True North Photography 2011

The year of 2011 is just about ready to disappear. Time again for a round up of the year’s most interesting or unforgettable. Yesterday, I hope you enjoyed what I felt were the openers for the biggest outdoor adventure stories of 2011. That was five through eight, today let’s do the top four from the world of outdoor adventure.

4. Lindsey Vonn Wins World Cup Race on US Soil •For the first time in her career Lindsey Vonn has one a World Cup race on American snow. The Super-G race was held on the “Birds of Prey” course at Beaver Creek, just outside of her adopted hometown of Vail, Colorado. This World Cup win gives Vonn her fourth in a row, the first American to win four straight, and five out of six this season

3. Three Cups of Tea Author in Hot Water • Please forgive the terrible pun, but it was too easy. Greg Mortenson has raised millions of dollars and built hundreds of schools in Pakistan. Author Jon Krakauer, who used to be one of Mortenson’s biggest supporters, cried “foul.” He called Mortenson’s account of walking down the mountain after a failed attempt on K2 “lies.” Is this a case of sour grapes, or has Krakauer truly found a story made up as an ingenious way to raise millions? On a personal note: schools are getting built, and girls are getting educations.

2. Ryan Anderson Wins 2011 Beargrease by a Nose (photo attached)

Anderson and defending champion Nathan Schroeder went neck and neck, battling all the way down the north shore of Lake Superior. As the racers got closer to Duluth and the road intersections became more numerous Schroeder’s team got tangled at one of the crossings. Anderson’s team made a pass and wouldn’t relinquish the lead the rest of the way. Winning margin was less than one minute after a race of 390 miles.

1. Pagami Creek Wildfire • Started on August 18th by a lightning strike the fire eventually spreads to nearly 93,000 acres. Fought by hundreds of personnel on the ground and dozens of aircraft the fire is brought under control in late October of 2011. The portages and the campsites of Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness will be affected for years.

There it is, my eight biggest outdoor adventure stories for 2011. Can you think of something bigger? Is there an outdoor story from 2011 that you won’t soon forget? Leave me a comment below, and maybe we will soon have a post of all the stories I left out.

Thanks for reading our blog in 2011. Here’s hoping 2012 will be another big year in outdoor adventure.


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