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Top online retailers not playing April Fool's jokes this year

Top online retailers not playing April Fool's jokes this year
Top online retailers not playing April Fool's jokes this year
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According to a new retail industry report shared with Examiner, top online retailers will avoid participating in the April Fool's Day traditional of practical joking.

April 1st may not be a formal national holiday (that's right, the post office and schools are sill open), but it is widely recognized and celebrated in various countries as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other called.

Nonetheless, from the White House, to some of the biggest retailers in the world, April Fool's Day stunts have gone horribly wrong in the past. And with online retailers trying to draw more attention than ever to their credibility, few want to risk having their seriousness put in jeopardy by playing a joke on consumers.

Earning the trust of consumers in the crowded and impersonal realm of eCommerce isn’t easy. But it can be done, say experts in retail, online security, and digital marketing.

Recently, the team at put forward a number of helpful tips to assist online retailers in their effort to secure the faith, trust, and business of consumers.

The most important suggestion? Make your security prowess well known.

“Today's online shoppers are more conscience than ever about the security of websites they patronize. Understandably, consumers have no appetite for risk. So your website must not appear to present one,” the report reads. “Fortunately, securing enough trust to reach a transaction is as easy as touting the credibility of the payment gateway you've selected to process credit card payments.”

By informing shoppers on your site, for example, that payments are processed by North American Bancard - a well-known, secure, and reliable service provider - you can effectively piggyback on NAB's sterling reputation in credit card payment processing, Register concludes. In that situation, “any lingering worries about security will quickly fade away.”

What else can be done to boost your trustworthiness among online shoppers? Check out the full report from Register to find out.

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