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Top News: Mexico earthquake, Mexicali border closed

Top News: Mexico earthquake, Mexicali border closed

Sunday's 7.2-magnitude earthquake severely damaged this church in La Puerta, outside Mexicali
AP Photo/Guillermo Arias

After the Mexico earthquake in Baja California, particularly in Mexicali, The Los Angeles Times has said that no vehicle traffic is being allowed over the border into the US from Mexico at the Mexicali crossing.

The reason is that concerns have arisen about damage to the federal government building located in Calexico, California, just over the border from Mexicali. Mexicali is where a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck on Sunday. Two people were killed and over 230 were injured in the quake, which also caused damage to buildings and roads.

Mexicali is home to a million people and is the capital of Baja California. Governor Jose Guadalupe Osuna was in the capital when the earthquake struck. He has called on President Felipe Calderon to declare the state a disaster area. Calderon will visit the city to check out the damage that has been done.
An aftershock hit the area on Monday and Mexicali residents have been seen nervously crossing the border on foot. This foot traffic has been allowed into the States.

Vehicle traffic heading south into Mexicali has also been permitted, as Americans travel south to check on family in the city after the Baja California earthquake. No phone or electrical services are available, so family can't check on loved ones that way.

Last night around 300 patients had to leave the Mexicali General Hospital as power and electricity went out and the downtown area was closed because of damage to the buildings there after the Mexico earthquake yesterday.

“Downtown is going to remain closed until further notice,” said Calexico police Lt. Gonzalo Gerardo. “I honestly doubt that it will reopen soon. You've got a lot of cracks. You've got a lot of broken glass. It's unsafe for people to go there.”

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San Francisco resident, Francis Witham says "All these earthquakes, what is happening in the world? I hope the earthquake victims of Mexicali get all the help they need.  For those of us in San Francisco, it just makes us wonder if we are next."

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  • jkohi 5 years ago

    Can we get further updates on the earthquake...

  • rosa 5 years ago

    i need to get my dad out of mexicali he is in a small town call ejido gerrero. they dont have water,light is there anyway we could pass and take food water to our family members?

  • rosa 5 years ago

    in this small town the houses are sunk in. the canell opend and water is out allover, water is comingout from the ground this is what we a bein told by people there. our family tells us that they need water and food is fusteraded when ur bein ask for help and you can do anything.

  • mayra 5 years ago

    yeah the newer line to cross is open now... its hard to get to the outside of mexicali though

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