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Top men's names most likely to cheat: Time to check on Wayne, Liam and Ryan

A survey suggests a man with the name Wayne is most likely a cheater.
A survey suggests a man with the name Wayne is most likely a cheater.
Deirdre Haggerty

Can a name determine a man's fidelity? Yes, claims a report from Bustle on Monday. If your man’s name is Wayne, Liam or Ryan, then a survey of 2,000 women suggest males with these forenames would most likely commit adultery., the domain name registration site, conducted the study of trustworthy names. The survey asked 2,000 women about their relationships and discovered 68 percent have been involved with a cheater, while one in ten are currently dating a man whose name equates to “love rat,” so labeled within the study.

According to Bustle the “top 20 ‘love rat’ names” are as follows, which have been based upon suspicious dating activity.

  1. Wayne
  2. Liam
  3. Ryan
  4. Matt
  5. Craig
  6. Steve
  7. Scott
  8. Dean
  9. Mark
  10. Lee
  11. Harry
  12. Ashley
  13. Nick
  14. Daniel
  15. John
  16. Sean
  17. Darrell
  18. Tom
  19. James
  20. Jack

The Daily Mail reported the top three men’s names that could be adulterers are also those of “well-known” celebrity cheaters (in the U.K.) that women try to avoid,” as stated through a spokesperson for

According to the results these men may well have more of a wandering eye than others, but of course it's a person's actions they should be judged on not the name they go by.

Names have great power and we will naturally recall bad experiences and make certain associations with a name if we've been affected by people with that name in the past. We should never underestimate the power of a name in influencing our opinions, even if we're not conscious of it.

If people have a bad experience, whether with a person, a company or a service, that name will stay with us a long time and influence us going forward.

The study classified a man with “more than one girlfriend a cheater,” and therefore his name warranted the term “love rat.” Discreet texting, a gut feeling of “untrustworthiness” and “spending more time with friends than the girlfriend” were all criteria for receiving the cad award in the research. The men with names on the list displayed all of the cheating characteristics according to the women surveyed..

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