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Top LGBT friendly places for school supplies

Back to school shopping for kids
Back to school shopping for kids
Deborah Nadolski

Are you a gay parent with a long school supply list for your child? Make the shopping experience less stressful by visiting these top LGBT friendly stores, listed on Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) 2014 Buyers Guide. Retail stores that received a score between 80 and 100 show the highest quality workplace equality scores.


Walgreens scored a perfect 100 on HRC’s list. The company has been a staunch supporter of gay rights, donating $100,000 to the gay games. While the store is smaller than other retail stores, it promotes a gay friendly atmosphere for workers and customers.


In spite of past problems last Christmas with hackers stealing customers’ credit card information, in the gay family department, Target earned a perfect score. It has redeemed itself for donating $150,000 to an anti-group a few years back. With its new “Be Yourself, Together” campaign, the retail store is promoting its wedding registry with two gay men, all decked out in suits and smiles.

Office Depot

Office Depot found itself in some hot water with conservative right wingers, but cheered on by gay rights advocates two years ago. The store teamed up with Lady Gaga, in support of her “Born This Way Foundation” that supports gay kids coming out and battles LGBT bullying. With LGBT youth 40% more likely to attempt suicide when compared to heterosexual youth, Office Depot has captured the support of the gay community. No complaints from HRC, Office Depot scoring a 100.


Scoring a 90 out of a possible 100, Amazon received the green light from HRC. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is a strong LGBT advocate and gay marriage proponent. Bezos donated $2.5 million dollars to support gay marriage in the state of Washington. In addition to monetary support, also sells LGBT movies, books, and tee-shirts, as well as other LGBT accessories.


Another home and office supply store that earned the top ranking of 100, Staples is lauded by HRC. Several states, such as Pennsylvania, do not having legislative protections for gay individuals in the employment sector. With no national discrimination act in place that protects all LGBT workers, more progress is needed. Fortunately, Staples supports LGBT workplace equality, the company earning its right to sit at the top of the 2014 Buyer’s Guide list.

Office Max

Ranking high on HRC’s website, Office Max received a score of 90. With cash support, Office Max has donated a percentage of their sales to the Washington DC Community Center for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, And Transgendered Individuals. The center is devoted to empowering, connecting, and celebrating the gay community. By focusing on support services, health, and arts and culture, and community the center advocates for LGBT individuals.

Want to see if your favorite store is gay friendly? Click on HRC’s 2014 Buyer Report for more information. Readers interested in expressing opinions on gay friendly stores, please leave a comment on my page.

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