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Top Leg Workout

Legs are the most important muscle group of the body to train properly. Not only does a leg workout burn the most calories of any muscle group workout, but it also provides the structure and support you need for strength and cardiovascular training endurance.

Here is one of my top recommended workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced weightlifters. You can't go wrong with a workout like this and if you execute, you know you will get top results.

1. Barbell Squats- Always begin with the most difficult exercise. Increase anywhere from 20-50 lbs. each set until you complete 4. Take a 90 second rest between each set (maximum 2-3 minutes). Do 8-20 reps per set to muscle failure.

2. Alternating Barbell Lunges- Cut your weight in half from where you began squats and move into lunges. Walking lunges are good too if you have enough room to maneuver. Increase 20 lbs. each set until you complete 4 sets with a 90 second to 2 minute rest between sets. By now, you glutes should be obliterated.

3. Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts- Target the hamstrings with bonus glute work next. Go slow and controlled. Make sure you get a nice hamstring stretch on the way down along with a strong glute squeeze at the top of each rep. Do 4 sets with a 60-90 second rest sets.

4. Leg Extensions- Finish off the quads with 4 sets on extensions, increasing the weight 15-20 lbs. each set with a 60 second rest between each.

5. Standing Calf Raises- Finally, train the calves with 4 sets of calf raises with just a 20-30 second rest between each set. Increase 20-40 lbs. each set, getting 10-20 reps each set, and on the finally set, turn it into a drop set by immediately decreasing the weight 40-50 lbs. with no rest between drops, taking each specific weight of the drop to failure.

For a more advanced detailed fitness program that works, visit the programs page through my site, and order a monthly system that builds legs without hitting plateaus.

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