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Top ivy league universities competing for Oakland, CA student

Some high school students have egregious choices such as what to wear, or which mobile phone to ask for. Akintunde Ahmad has more constructive choices, such as which ivy league educational institution to attend after high school.

The humble 17 year-old Oakland, CA high school student has done well his entire school career. He has done so well that he has earned a 5.0 GPA and a 2100 SAT score to boot. These are no small accomplishments, in a society where it seems that youth is only concerned with social status in cyberspace.

Akintunde's parents are happily humble about their son's educational milestones. His mother is the principal at Piedmont Elementary School in Oakland. When she asked her son about his SAT score, he humbly told her 2100; she exuberantly asked "why didn't you tell me, that's wonderful!" His father has been a mechanic in the same area for over 20 years and is equally proud and happy for his son.

This teen is not only a scholar, but also quite the athlete. He loves baseball and wants to incorporate the sport into his academic scholarship options. His average is at .500 and he has over 15 stolen bases throughout his high school career.

The list of 'suitors' who are pining for Akintunde's attention is indubitably impressive. Brown, Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Northwestern, UCLA, Howard and Georgetown are just a few.

Being one of six children, growing up in an area famous for inner-city issues, Akintunde has shown that obstacles are simply opportunities.


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