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Top holiday gift ideas for a Las Vegas indie music fan

Holiday gift-givers faced with the task of gifting to an indie music fan can have a hard time if they know little about the genre. Here are some holiday gift giving ideas for an indie music fan.

The biggest thing to consider when choosing a personal holiday gift for an indie music fan is how well you know the person. If you know of a specific artist or type of indie music that this person might particularly favor, you will be in even better shape.

Once you have decided on an artist or genre to focus your gift, survey what you know of your recipient's collection of indie music goods. If your loved one is a casual indie music fan, a poster or new CD by a favorite artist might hit the spot.

For a perfect gift for an avid indie music fan, you may need to seek out rarer presents such as signed memorabilia or recordings that are difficult to acquire.

If all else fails...

When you are left with no ideas, or worse, no time, to decide on a gift for a family member or friend who loves indie music, you can always go with a gift certificate.

Getting a certificate from a store that shows you thought about them as a person can help make your gift seem more special. Choosing the store for your gift certificate carefully can turn a cold, impersonal substitute for gifting money into a thoughtful and brilliant present that will brighten your loved one's life.

Here are some Las Vegas stores that indie music fans love to shop:

Zia Record Exchange carries used and new records, CDs and novelty items. They sell gift cards for in-store purchases at their store locations and online. They have two locations in Las Vegas and additional stores in Phoenix and Tucson.

If your indie music fan likes to make music as well, a gift certificate to a musical instrument store like Cowtown Guitars or Guitar Center may be even more thrilling than the prospect of buying more records.


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