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Top Health Benefits of Triphala

Triphala is an ayurvedic herbal formula made from the fruits of three trees grown in India and the Middle East. These three fruits are known as Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki. Triphala is made by drying these fruits, grinding the dried fruit into powder and mixing equal parts of each herb. This blend of herbs was produced in India thousands of years ago, but it is still very popular today. If taken properly, Triphala is a strong antioxidant that provides many health benefits. It is an effective, yet gentle formula for cleansing and strengthening the body without depleting your system of important vitamins and minerals.

Amalaki, the first ingredient in Triphala, is an herb that contains twenty times more vitamin C than orange juice. It helps strengthen the body as well as the immune system. It works as a natural anti-inflammatory, helps strengthen the bones, stimulates the production of red blood cells, increases lean body mass and helps regulate blood sugar levels. In India, Amalaki is known as the "nurse herb" because it helps to strengthen the body as well as regulate the body's temperature. Amalaki is a natural antioxidant and also the main nourishing element of Triphala.

Haritaki, the next ingredient, works as a natural laxative and has astringent properties that help cleanse and heal the body. It is the most commonly used ayurvedic herb and is known for its digestive benefits and its ability to cleanse and detoxify the body. A good digestive system and regular bowel movements are two vital parts of any weight loss plan, which is why Triphala is often recommended for people who are interested in losing weight. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Triphala is an effective weight loss tool.

Bibhitaki helps to remove fat, fluids and mucous in the body which can help treat many lung conditions. Bibhitaki means "one who keep you away from disease", in Sanskrit. Ayurvedic doctors consider this herb to be a stimulating astringent that can help treat heavy menstrual periods, dysentery, parasites in the intestine and even morning sickness during pregnancy. The bibhitaki fruit contains a kernal that is known to have narcotic properties that can act as a natural pain reliever. Since this herb helps in eliminating mucous, it has also been known to help treat bronchitis and asthma.

Each one of these herbs has tremendous benefits when used individually. However, when combined, they can help heal, detoxify and strengthen the body. Many laxatives are very harsh and can sometimes deplete the body of vital vitamins and minerals. However, Triphala gently cleanses and detoxifies the digestive system without irritating the colon. It also strengthens and nourishes the bones, the nervous system and the reproductive organs. Regular intake of Triphala is recommended in order to reap the maximum benefits. It is available in powder form and can also be taken as a tea. If the taste is too strong, it is also available in a pill. It can be taken with meals up to three times per day. However, you may need to experiment with the dosage, and see what works best for you.

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