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Top free iPhone apps: part 1

Free apps from the App Store can spice up you and your iPhone's life everyday
Free apps from the App Store can spice up you and your iPhone's life everyday
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There are thousands of apps in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch. There are over 115,000 available as of this writing. And some of the best ones are free! Here I will introduce you to a few free iPhone apps that you might find worth downloading.

Is Microsoft's new Bing search engine your weapon of choice when hunting the interwebs? Feel like leaving the safety of Google for a little bit? Well, then the Bing app for iPhone is just what you are looking for. This free app provides a smooth user interface for searching the internet for various items, such as images, maps, news and directions. The Bing app also features voice search, allowing you to speak what you are searching for into your iPhone and let Bing do the rest. This free iPhone app is available in the App Store.

Traffic Rush
Traffic Rush is a free iPhone app developed by Donut Games. It will definitely keep you entertained for hours. The point of Traffic Rush is to control a four-way intersection of traffic without letting the cars crash into one another. You can speed cars up or slow them down to avoid the carnage. The game keeps track of your score and average car speed. Check out this free iPhone app today for some addictive gameplay.

Pets Live
Do you like/miss Pokemon? Well we've found a free iPhone app for you! It's called Pets Live and it is practically an echo of the popular RPG, but without the walking around a world aspect. The game lets you pick from four choices for your first pet (Earth, Water, Fire, or Air). Then you build up your pet's experience and battle other pets. This free game is admittedly a bit on the low-creativity side, but we can see how you might get into it. Check the free iPhone app Pets Live and see what you think.

Waterslide Extreme
Another interesting game from the App Store is Waterslide Extreme. It requires just enough accelerometer-manipulating skill to keep you working and keep the game from being too fluffy. If you like tilt controls in iPhone games, you should check this free app. Waterslide Extreme also politely asks you if you would like to play with the audio on or off, so there is no embarrassing game music busting out of you iPhone in the middle of your English lecture.

Do you have a favorite iphone app? Even better, do you like it and it's free? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I'd like these if I had an I-Phone..I still have a blackberry though!

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    Great idea for a series.

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