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Top four teams to face off in CCHA finals

CCHA finalists 2011
CCHA finalists 2011
CCHA finalists 2011

In the world of hockey, there are times when no surprises are the biggest surprise of all. In the case of the CCHA, the top four teams have made it through to the semi-final round. There were no upsets (from the point of the standings) during the playoff round last weekend. Michigan (1) made it past Bowling Green (11) in a two game home sweep. The same was true of Miami of Ohio (4) in sweeping Alaska (7).

The most exciting matchups over the weekend were Western (4) versus Ferris State (5). In one of the last articles, Ferris State Coach Bob Daniels agreed that this would be a tightly contested matchup. In fact, the series was split 1 - 1 and the deciding game went to overtime. Western Michigan prevailed and finds themselves facing a matchup against Michigan this weekend at Joe Lous Arena.

Notre Dame (3) beat Lake Superior (8) in the deciding game on Sunday, also a three game series. And so, the match-ups of Michigan (1) and Western (4), Notre Dame (3) and Miami of Ohio (2) are set to make a very exciting weekend in Hockeytown. Each team brings a different story to the ice, which we will explore more closely this week. Be sure to tune in this weekend as we are sure to see some of the best that college hockey has to offer.

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