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Top football recruit McDowell spurns parents, commits to Michigan State Spartans

It may not have been the ending that his parents had hoped for, but on Thursday, top college football recruit Malik McDowell made it official as Michigan State finalized his long-awaited Letter of Intent.

Michigan State recruit Malik McDowell finally made it official on Wednesday when he delivered his Letter of Intent to MSU.

McDowell, the 6-foot-7, 290-pound offensive lineman from Southfield, Michigan, announced his decision and informed the public that he had delivered his LOI to Michigan State with a tweet on Wednesday, that said, "My LOI was sighed and faxed in at 11:12 last night I'm official a Spartan Dawg!!! #GoGreen #GoWhite."

In committing to the Spartans, MSU has officially beaten out other contending schools for McDowell, including Ohio State, Michigan, Florida State, and Alabama.

One obstacle that has been in McDowell's path toward East Lansing for the last few months has been both of his parents, who have been very vocal about their staunch belief that their son should not attend Michigan State.

Joya Crowe, McDowell's mother, spoke to national media outlets earlier in the year about her strong stance against Malik attending MSU due to its "too much social life". Michigan State is known as one of the region's top partying schools, and some student athletes have had run-ins with behavioral and substance abuse issues.

Malik McDowell's father, Greg, spoke to about how he wished his son would not attend the rowdy program in East Lansing.

“He’s coming around because he knows how adamant we are about him not attending Michigan State,” the elder McDowell said. “I don’t have anything bad to say against Michigan State but I don’t think they’re the school for my son. I think the coaches are cool and they’re establishing a good program, but this is my son and I choose to not want him there.”

Back on National Signing Day on Feb. 5th, McDowell announced his intentions to attend Michigan State, which immediately ignited a social media fury over whether the young talent would actually attend the program despite his parents adamant wishes for him not to. With Thursday's official signing, the speculation is now over and McDowell is a "Spartan Dawg", as he says in his tweet.

“I felt like they can get the best out of me," said McDowell concerning the Spartans and their coaches. “I took a lot of input from my family. I listened to what they said, but I still had to make my own decision.”

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