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Top five ways to maintain #RelentlessResilience to adversity and negativity!

How was your day today? Let’s talk candidly for a just a few minutes. From the death of a loved one, to a relationship that didn’t last, a relationship that the devil destroyed before it had a chance to begin, situations in everyday life that try to pull on your spirit, to dreams that only appear to suddenly evaporate right before your very eyes, there are so many things that can happen in the course of a day, a week, a month or even a year that can wear us down. The question is how do we overcome those moments and stay in a positive place of love and #LiveLOVEdaily? How in the world does one keep pushing forward when it seems like there are not just one but multiple forces beyond us trying to penetrate the very core of our being on a regular or consistent basis. Today, we are going to briefly discuss just that. We will examine the top five ways to maintain #RelentlessResilience to adversity and negativity.

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1. Go Inward and Soar. What people say to you, how people treat you, and what people say about about you is a direct reflection of who THEY are inside. #DontTakeItPersonal What God says about you and what you say about yourself daily on the inside is what counts. Keep a #LaserSharpFocus on the right perspective so you can be all God infinitely created you to be! The day will come when your life will expect you to take action. When it happens, don’t just take action – take massive action! Go inward and soar! You deserve it. Your life deserves it!

2. Change your perspective and change your life. Never let the devil steal your joy or your smile! How you feel about yourself and your life internally directly affects your perception of your external environment which ultimately impacts what happens to you everywhere you go. Your life is a reflection of your perception of yourself. Clear out any negativity that you have regarding yourself and renew the spirit of your mind with what God says about you in His word. Hold onto that and make sure you repeat His word in your mind and not the negativity around you. As scripture says, as you think so are you. The same goes for your life. Think positive. Stay positive no matter what. Maintain a #RelentlessResilience to the chaos around you to not just find peace in the storm but actually be the peace in the eye of the storm.

3. Remove toxic people from your inner circle and your life. There is a huge difference between constructive criticism and verbal abuse. What goes in your ear determines your actions. Make sure the people in your circle are positive and mentally healthy. Energy – whether positive or negative – is contagious. Wouldn’t you rather be “infected” with jolts of positive energy and enthusiasm about life than the opposite? Take an inventory of those in your immediate circle and make changes where necessary today.

4. Starve your fears and feed your faith. FAITH does not require you to think, but instead it requires you to trust God. And THAT requires action. There has to come a point where you simply trust God. You cannot straddle the fence on this. Your life depends on it. To get to the other side of the mountain, you must trust Him in the valley.

5. Trust God during the process. Embrace your discomfort in any situation and thank God for it because that’s what serves as the catalyst for the changes needed to push you toward your destiny! Trust by definition means to have a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Love People. Trust God. Pray Always. Expect Victory! You must respect the process on the way to your victory!

So the next time you are going through more than you think you can bear, just remember that God knows the end before the beginning. He has you in the palm of His hands and all is needs us to do is trust Him and move forward in the action of pushing through while trusting HIM. There is a testimony on the other side that someone you may have never even met may need. After all the things that we go through are really not only for us but so we can be a living testimony of the power of God in spite of us or even our circumstances. So stay strong, and maintain #RelentlessResilience no matter what! Your life depends on it! Your future needs it. You deserve it!

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