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Top Five Ways to get in shape on the Cheap

Losing weight not cash
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As winter drags on and January rolls to an end, those well intentioned resolutions may seem more like another chore as well as an additional unwanted bill. Instead of giving up and hanging up your gym sneakers consumer and money saving expert Andrea Woroch offers up these five tips to help keep you motivated.

Bring Sexy Back- If you look good you start to feel good so retire that oversized drab tee shirt and pair of baggy sweatpants in favor of something more fitted. Purchase your name-brand workout clothing for less at discount retailers like Ross and TJMaxx. If you love brands like Lululemon, that can be a little pricey, then splurge on a tank top or zip-up only after reaching a specific goal like losing five pounds or hitting the weights consistently for a month. Setting rewards for such mini accomplishments will help you stay motivated. Also check out apps such as Coupon Sherpa for deals to stores like Dick's Sporting Goods where you can save up to $40 off in weights and accessories.

Burn Calories not Cash- For at-home fitness, you can’t beat a good treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike. However, this equipment can cost you a small fortune when purchased new. Shop garage sales or Craigslist for used alternatives. Others who have stopped using them will be all too happy to part these items and regained loss space in their homes. Also check in with the manager at your local health club if that have recently upgraded their equipment they may be able to sell you quality exercise machines, dumbbells and other gear for cheap. Woroch recently scored a Spinning Spinner FIT Bike for just $150 -- $450 less than retail price. But make sure to inspect the condition of the equipment before committing to a purchase.

Repurpose- Loading up on shiny-new dumbbells, resistance bands and medicine balls may seem like a good workout plan. But making buying all that new gear will seriously derail your other New Year's resolution to spend less. Luckily, several household items represent great substitutes for fitness gear, like canned goods as light weights or pantyhose as a resistance band. You can also use a chair to deepen such strength-building moves as incline lunges, push-ups and tricep dips. Invest in more expensive tools once exercising becomes a part of your regular routine.
Put your Body into it- Though gear and equipment can enhance your routine; all you need to get a good workout is your own body weight. Planks, squats, lunges, burpees, push-ups and mountain climbers are a great way to sculpt your muscles, and no other weight but your body weight required.

Stream It- The World Wide Web is a savers best tool. You can download just about anything including workout routines. There are many companies as well as personal trainers who often upload their latest yoga or dance routines to Youtube. If you aren't sure where to look check out Mashable'’s roundup of top free fitness channels.

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