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Top Five Things You Must Do While in Tokyo

Tokyo is the largest city of the world and is extremely crowded yet quiet. You can spend time in this place with wonderful things to do. Tokyo is a mix of modern living and old-fashioned styles. In this place you will find skyscrapers, shopping malls, noodle shops, mass transit system, and more. Tokyo offers something for every tourist. Here is a list of top five things you should do in Tokyo.

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First thing you should do is to visit Tsukiji Fish Market. This is one of the best places of the world for foodies particularly fish lovers. It is the largest fish market in Tokyo. You can find this place active from morning 4’o clock. This fish market will provide you exclusive varieties of fish that you cannot resist to purchase. You can also find the best fare organized by Sushi joints. If you do not like the crowded place then you can sit in any of the various elegant restaurants to order different type of menus.

Second thing you should do is to visit beautiful historical places. You can start your tour from Imperial Palace. This is a place of abode of emperor and his family. The palace has moats and massive stone walls. Imperial Palace is a beautiful castle that will give you a glimpse of the royal lifestyle. Outside of the palace you can find palace garden – Kokyo Gaien. You can also visit Sensoji Temple the oldest Buddhist temple of Tokyo.

Third thing you should do is to visit museums. You can go to Tokyo National Museum. This museum contains artifacts such as old samurai mirrors, woodblock prints. Apart from this museum, you can see Edo-Tokyo Museum. This museum will help you to appreciate the history and culture of royal empire. In this place you can see Edo Castle and replica of ancient Kabuki Theater. If you want to have a cultural experience then you must see a sumo wrestling match or a kabuki show.

Fourth thing you should do is to see Tokyo city from height. This can be done using Tokyo Metropolitan Government office building. You need to visit the forty-fifth floor of the building to witness the panoramic, bird-eye view of the Tokyo city. Through this view you will be able to appreciate the well planned city, the way Tokyo manages the free space, and how well the building and skyscrapers look from the top. Moreover, you can also see the Mount Fuji from this height.

Fifth thing you should do is to visit shopping places of Tokyo. The gadget lovers can go to Akihabara Electric Town. This place contains all types of electronic gadgets that anyone can think of. Moreover, you will find stores that are exclusively dedicated to personal robots. The souvenir lovers can visit Oriental Bazaar. This market will fulfill all your needs to collect souvenir. Apart from these shops you can visit Nakamise-dori Street. This street is very old and was first formed in 1685. The street extends 250 yards and contains plethora of shops on both sides of the street selling diverse items.

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