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Top five new relationship mistakes

To get to this, avoid making those top five relationship mistakes.
To get to this, avoid making those top five relationship mistakes.
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Women are from Venus, and men are from Mars. Everyone has heard or may have uttered these words. So it should not be surprising that women and men face a few difficulties when dating. Like so many things in life, dating has its ups and downs. It also has its own set of guidelines and boundaries that are crucial if one hopes to pave a pathway to the next step. Building the foundation for a relationship that one wants to last forever sometimes feel impossible. And when it comes to a new relationship, observing those unspoken dating guidelines and boundaries are important.

Once one has gotten beyond the initial dating phase and is in a relationship, this could be the best or worst part of their life depending on how he or she handle themselves. Remember nobody is perfect. There are many mistakes that have dire consequences on a relationship; this article will examine five. Staying one step ahead of the five mentioned new relationship mistakes is key to build and sustain a healthy relationship.

Mistake #1: Being too needy.
Being too needy in a relationship creates the opposite effect that one longs for. It generally leaves one's love interest feeling smothered, suffocated, and trapped. Wanting to spend time with a love interest is fine, but calling her or him multiple times a day is the number one mistake in new relationships.

Mistake #2: Wanting too much too soon.
People want to rush right into a relationship without dating nowadays and expect things to instantly work out. Too many are wanting too much too soon and are disregarding their partner's feelings or wants. Although it might be tempting to push for a full-blown relationship in the beginning, always remember that delayed gratification is totally worth it.

Mistake #3: Acting nonchalant.
Acting nonchalant or trying to be aloof is a huge dating or relationship mistake. This idiocy can and will blow up in one's face at any time. When it does, the results are usually disastrous. Acting like one does not care if a love interest calls or playing hard to get might work initially. But when he or she moves on, the guilty one realizes that he or she does care quite a lot.

Mistake #4: Fixated on little things.
Focusing on every little significant and insignificant details of any partner or relationship will drive both individuals insane. Yes, paying attention to the little things is a negative. Obsessing over him or her not responding to a call or text is irrelevant if he or she is otherwise attentive to one's needs and wants. It is not about fixating on bothersome things; it is about appreciating the things that created the connection to him or her.

Mistake #5: Insecurity.
Being insecure strikes everyone at some point in their lives. There are many things that could be the cause of insecurity. But it is actually the root of the relationship mistakes listed above. Insecurity will turn the "stricken" individual into a clingy, pushy, indifferent, nitpicking, second-guessing dater. Needing constant reassurance, validation, and confirmation from a partner is the root of insecurity and by far the biggest mistake in any new (or old) relationship.

Are you guilty of any of the preceding relationship mistakes? If so, make a conscious effort to recognize the signs and take the necessary steps to discover effective ways of handling these conflicts early on.

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