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Top five family promotions at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington


This season, the Texas Rangers will feature several promotions related to families.  Below are the five best:

  1. Verizon Fireworks Fridays-Along with your admission to any Friday home game, you and your family can watch a very impressive free firework show.  It's very loud, so young children may not enjoy it, but you can easily see it in the parking lot to ease some of their fear.
  2. Dreyer's Dollar Ice Cream Sunday-While this "Ice Cream Sunday" won't come with nuts (unless you take your in-laws), you and your kids can have a few cool ones that are appropriate for all ages.  (If you're willing to stay, both of you can run the bases after Sunday home games to work off your ice cream.)
  3. Dollar Hot Dog Night-If you end up spending more on food than your tickets cost, try to time your family trips to the ballpark for Wednesdays.  At least for Ranger game purposes, a dollar hot dog is a man's best friend.
  4. Dr Pepper and Albertson's Rangers Chest Protector Backpack-This backpack (pictured above) is by far the coolest promotion for kids, but don't be surprised if you see dads wearing these to "break it in".
  5. Rangers Pillowcase-This Sunday, May 23, the Rangers are giving away a Rangers pillowcase to the first 8,500 fans 13 and under.  This could be good or bad, depending on whether or not you like pillow fights, but at least they're not giving bats away!

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