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Top Five Entry-level jobs for 2014

With the new year already upon us, many are looking to pursue a new career. But what career opportunities are in demand out there? Which one of them are the right career field for you? The Employment Guide website compiled 10 of the most in-demand entry-level jobs for 2014, but we are only going to examine five of them. Here are those positions.

The first entry-level field is within the health market. This field is registered nurses. Their median income is $65,470 with projected job openings to be 1,052,600 between 2012-22. If you're aspiring a career in the health field, definitely consider a career as an RN in a hospital or a medical practice.

The second most in-demand field to look at for the new year are receptionist and administrative assistant careers. This job market is always in demand with projected openings expected to be over 587,000. You could find these people everywhere from a hotel to a business.

The third most in-demand are also everywhere and they are customer service representatives. Their 2012-22 job openings are expected to grow at 941,600. These people don't only work for call centers or other customer-driven companies. They also work from home for companies such as LiveOps.

The fourth job opportunity to consider for the new year are construction laborers. Their 2012-22 job growth looks good. These openings are expected to grow at 489,100 during those years. If you're into buildings and architecture, you will definitely have fun in this field.

The fifth and final in-demand opportunity are nursing assistants. Their job growth is expected to grow at 593,600 between 2012-22. So if you don't want to be a registered nurse but you're interested in the nursing care field, this will be a nice position to consider.

Those are some of the growing job fields for 2014. Only one thing left to do is to get up and pound the pavement in searching for these jobs.

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