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Top Educational Tech Tools

What good are all those nifty devices students and teachers own when they don’t know how to use their entire potential? Installing zillion apps on their iPads doesn’t make them useful; both educators and students need to find proper ways of using their tech devices with the aim to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Many teachers are interested in inspiring students to use technology in the classroom, but they cannot find the right combination of tools that create a more focused and collaborative learning environment. To make their jobs easier, we will list some of the most effective educational tools available today.


Tutoring is a widely accepted part of the educational process, but this platform has revolutionized the concept by enabling students to find a tutor online. Students can find professional tutors in all fields of study, while educators can expand their tutoring business and reach out to a greater number of students thanks to this platform.

The tutoring hours are no longer limited to the standard working hours and local surrounding; students can schedule the sessions to their own convenience and start learning in a super-inspiring online environment.

2. Edmodo

There is hardly a list of educational tech tools that goes without Edmodo – a Facebook-like project designed to be used in the classroom. Teachers can use this tool to communicate with their students, but they can also connect with parents and other educators. Edmodo can be used for sharing useful links, homework assignments, pictures, and everything else associated to learning.

There are various apps teachers and students can use with Edmodo and enhance the entire process of collaboration in and outside the classroom. The modus operandi is relatively simple and straightforward – if your students use Facebook (and you are aware of the fact that they do), they will handle Edmodo just fine.

3. EssayEagles

Writing center EssayEagles was created by a company of 4 students who found necessary to create such kind of service that could help other students to get better grades and be more successful in studying. Of course, the morality of such service is disputable but its founder are thinking over expanding the range of functions it presents now. So if you want to raise you grades sometimes or get an understanding of how the perfect paper should look like don’t hesitate and look at EssayEagles.

4. Socrative

Although Socrative is a rather complicated app, it is actually a tool that can simplify the engagement in the classroom. This student response system is incredibly successful in getting students to participate in discussions without the ever-present fear.

There are shy and socially anxious students in every classroom, and they are tortured every time they know an answer but cannot convince themselves to raise a hand. Socrative makes participation easy and quite fun, so every teacher should consider using this app.

5. Writinghouse

The biggest problem with paper writing is referencing. Professors require students to implement the strict guidelines of a particular referencing style, but these systems are simply too detailed and complex to memorize.

Luckily for everyone, students no longer have to bother about proper citing because Writinghouse will implement the referencing style of their choice without any hassles. A student can finally focus on the actual process of writing without being distracted by referencing standards.

Needless to say, Writinghouse is also an essential tool for all educators who provide textbooks and other materials for their students.

Conclusion: Educational technology is great when implemented properly!

When teachers and students find the right tools to use for educational purposes, their productivity can be greatly enhanced. With the immense number of tech apps and tools available today, it can be quite confusing to make the right combination without making the learning and teaching processes unnecessarily complicated.

All above-listed tools complement each other flawlessly, so you can start experimenting with them before you expand your horizons and start testing more complex educational apps and tools.

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