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Top DS games for 2010


Many articles discuss the plethora of great titles coming to the Wii in 2010, but many gamers overlook all the top-tier games hitting the DS this year. With games like Monster Hunter Tri and Super Mario Galaxy 2 hitting Nintendo's home console this year, it's easy to understand why Nintendo's current-gen handheld platform would be ignored. With titles like the epic sci-fi RPG Infinite Space, however, the DS is primed for great software lineup this year.

5. Hotel Dusk: Last Window
Hotel Dusk: Last Window, or Last Window: Mayonaka no Yakusoku as it's known in Japan, is the sequel to the DS noir-styled detective adventure Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Players return as ex-cop Kyle Hyde once again as he investigates the Cape West area.

Last Window features an even shadier and mysterious cast of characters than what the first game offered, along with an all new feature: Ignore. With Ignore, players can delete lines of questioning that they don't think is particularly useful. However, if players ignore too many lines or not enough lines, the game will give the player a game over early. As the gameplay is "interactive book" styled, after the completion of a chapter players unlock that specific chapter in the Last Window in-game book to read whenever they please.

4. Dementium II
From Renegade Kid, the developers behind Moon for the DS, comes their anticipated sequel to the hit DS horror-shooter Dementium: The Ward. In Dementium II, players take control of William, a man who mysteriously awakens to find himself in a prison cell. Reality bends for William, though, and he's transported to an alternate dimension where zombies roam the hallways and maul the flesh of human beings.

Dementium II will bring more scares and frantic gun play for players as they explore through the reality and the insanity of William's mind.

3. Infinite Space
There are very few sci-fi RPGs that take place in the vast reaches of space -- the only series that really comes to mind is Mass Effect. Platinum Games and SEGA aim to fill that gap with Infinite Space: a huge anime-themed sci-fi RPG set in space. The story goes through two eras: young Yuri and adult Yuri, the protagonist and captain of a starship.

Infinite Space features a huge amount of starship customization, with over 150 different design models. On top of that, there are over 150 different crew members that players can recruit on their quest throughout the galaxy. Combat is based in real time featuring a "command guage", with different commands available to the player depending on their starship parts and crew. Players can also battle in hand to hand combat whenever they board an enemy ship as Yuri. Online multiplayer is also incorporated, allowing players to battle another opponent in a starship battle over WiFi.

2. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver
Nintendo is set to release their second-gen Pokemon remakes in North America on March 14th. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are remakes of the classic Gold/Silver/Crystal GameBoy and GameBoy Color games with current-gen graphics, more refined gameplay, and extra content.

Check out the HeartGold and SoulSilver Preview here; they're set to be some of the greatest Pokemon games in the series.

1. Golden Sun DS
Nintendo surprisingly announced Golden Sun DS at their E3 2009 conference, the third installment in the critically acclaimed RPG series developed by Camelot.

Very little is actually known about Golden Sun DS currently, other than some general details and bits of information from the game's initial trailer. What is know, however, is that Golden Sun DS will follow the story of the descendants of the first two Golden Sun games: Isaac, Jeena, Garet, Felix, etc, after the power of alchemy has spread across the world. From the trailer and hands-on impressions of a small build at E3 2009, the game runs in a full 3D world. The combat system is very similar, if not the same, to the previous two Golden Sun games, except there are new summons for Djinn.

Honorable Mention: A new, fifth-generation Pokemon game was said to be released by the end of the year by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata at a recent briefing. It's unknown if this title will be hitting the Wii, DS, or rumored DS successor.

What are your most anticipated DS releases for 2010? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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